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Oh hum... I just finished off my rewatch of Game of Thrones. And my goodness, this show. I just can't even. It's so amazing. I've changed favorite characters more than once, even if one of them is quite constant. And I keep nagging on one, because FUCK HE IS SO DULL!!! Anyhow, I can't wait to see the beginning of season 7 tomorrow after work!

Yes, tomorrow I start work again. I've been on my summer vacation for four weeks now, and it's been great. It really has. On one hand it'll be good going back to work. On the other hand I wouldn't mind staying home more. Peting is staying home for three more weeks (envy!) so at least I don't have to concern myself with daycare and such things... Lazier mornings. Yes please!

I've packed everything tonight, so I should be good tomorrow. I also have the car, so that would make my morning even lazier. YAY!

Not much else to tell really. These last days before going back to work we took one day where we went to Borås Zoo for full day. And we ate out twice that day to, both lunch and dinner. Which was really great! Not sure what it is with that zoo though... but I think they're doing something right, because those animals spurt babies EVERYWHERE! X-D Even the orangutans that are supposedly really hard to breed have two babies, I think? Good match there, I'd say! *lol*

The other two days, Saturday and Sunday, we just stayed at home being lazy. Which was pretty much what I wanted. I took the time to clear out a bit of stuff to give to charity. And also I got a TON of stuff up on Tradera (swedish Ebay) so I hope I'll make some money on that. Mostly kid-clothes.

The stuff to charity is in the trunk in the car, so I'll be dropping that off tomorrow. And shop a bit for the post-apocalyptic LARP that is going to take place in two weeks. I need weird stuff that I can sell in the store my character will run. ;-)

The vampire-LARP however is on hiatus. Since there'll be a restart with it, and I wasn't to keen on joining in. Peting talked me into it though with a really cool character idea, so... we just might see what will happen there. :-)

So I'm moderately busy. It'll be worse soon, I'm sure. *LOL* At least there won't be any kids in the school for quite a couple of weeks yet. BLISS!!! ;-D

My mother is doing fairly well. She cries sometimes over Ozzy, of course. But she is doing quite well, and is doing her exercise for her arm. So I'm positive she'll recover on both accounts.

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So... I decided to cut a bit more in my flist. I'M SO SORRY! I thought I'd be able to keep up the way it was, but... apparently not. I really really hope this was enough of a cut so I can keep up now. Since I kinda don't want to cut more. To those I had to let go, it's been GREAT knowing you!

Anyone is OF COURSE free to cut me from their f-list as well. I don't mind at all. :-)

And now onwards to something totally different.

Easter was great, it really was. We went to my mothers and spent the night and got spoiled. As per usual. :-) Mom's gentleman caller was there to. They spend as much time as they can together. He is really nice, with a great sense of humor and makes my mom very very happy, so I am happy for her.

I did do one stupid thing though. My sensitivity against cats BLEW UP! Because I forgot to eat my meds. :-P You're supposed to eat them a few days before exposure to whatever it is you are allergic or sensitive against, and... I didn't. Stupid. *face-palm* I have no problem with our cats, but moms? Yeah, problem. And I can't help but cuddle with them, because they are GORGEOUS! And LOVES being cuddled. And totally spoiled. :-)

Plus I got to meet my wonderful, wonderful little brother that I love so dearly! And his kids! BONUS! :-D

So we had a great time!

Only sad thing was that when I talked about my job, which I am sorta proud of managing the chaos and I do very much care about the kids... I found out that mom's gentleman caller was somewhat racist. :-/ Fuck. As soon as he found out the amount of refugees it's in the area I work and sorta how many refugee kids there is at the school I work at... The previously relaxed happy talk turned... less so. Geezes. So disappointed. And he clearly hadn't read up, because he didn't need to, according to him. 'That kind of people are always like that.' *head-desk* UGH! So I just stopped him right there and said I would NOT discuss this until he'd read up on shit and knew what the hell he talked about. 'The Koran tells them to kill and harm.' Seriously? BULLSHIT! Open the damn book before you speak! I am so not talking about my job near you ever again.

Anyway, so apart from that, I had a good time. And Alexandra to, which was wonderful. As always though, she hardly ate anything. And then we came home Monday afternoon and she ate to much and to fast and... threw up all over herself at bedtime. *SIGH* So I had to stay home from work one day so she could recover from that.

The three days I did work has... been both lazy and batshit stressful at the same time. Yeah, I don't even know. And there hasn't been any kids in the library either, or the entire school! I got emails about meetings left and right and... Then noticed that on Wednesday and Thursday next week I'm supposed to be at two or three places at the same damn time. WTF??? I had to ask my boss what to give priority to. *shakes head*

Thank heavens it's the weekend now. And this will be a good weekend, I just KNOW it!

Tomorrow I get to sleep how long I want. SO RARE! SO NICE! OMG! I LOVE MY SLEEP INS! And then tomorrow night it's LARP-night. And I'll play my mentally idiotic but physically extremely strong Gangrel vampire... Let's see how much trouble I can get her in this time? X-D I've played her for nearly 4-5 years now, and she's a riot to play. She really is. It has ended up a bit of a sport for me to see how much shit I can get her in and if I can even get her out in one piece. X-D So far so good. She's still alive (sorta) and kicking. ;-)

I also thought the post apocalyptic Fallout LARP last summer would be the last one in that world/setting, but I found out a few weeks ago that there would be a new one this year. Since the city was NOT going to destroy the lovely military training area were it's been held, but instead restore it somewhat and clean up all the shit in the area. AWESOME! Means there will be A LOT of LARP's and soft airgun games and paint ball games and other sorts of nerdy activities there... And the city gets paid a nice rent every time anyone wants to borrow the area. ;-) Win-win for everyone! It really is a perfect place for a post apocalyptic LARP!

And in a couple of weeks there'll be a special vampire-LARP to! Set in the same world we normally play in, but the medieval ages. [livejournal.com profile] peting73 didn't want to go, so told me to. :-D YAY! Gonna be fun!

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Can I just say HOLY FUCKING SHIT IN THE OCEAN?!?!?!?! o.O Now I've been part of friending memes before, many times. But I've never EVER been a part of one that has taken off like this. My flist is BURSTING! Geezes, fuck! o.O

Excuse the language, but yeah... o.O Circling the wagon -friending meme rocked my socks off!

Anyway, so part of the deal was to make a post about myself, so here goes... I'll excuse my wordiness right away.

So we begin.. )

Education and work…. )

Family... )

Fandoms... )

Hobbies... )

And I… think that’s it. Props to you if you got through all that. Told you I was wordy! X-D

If you got any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. :-) I really am an open book.

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Oh my gosh, how to sum up everything that has happened?!?!

My busy summer I've told you about just keeps continuing. I thought you were supposed to take it easy during the summer, right? When you're off from work and everything? For me, not so much.

Although, I've had A LOT of fun to!

Let's start with the Fallout LARP in this post. :-)

And let me start with saying: It was AMAZING! :-D I had so much fun! It seems to be how it works with that LARP. *lol*

Only sad thing really was that J, my sweet friend, had told me he wouldn’t come to the LARP. Which was sad really, since his character has been very important to the LARP and this was the last time we’d be at this area.

The military training area we’ve been at for six years now is going to be demolished. It’s a perfect place to LARP at, especially a post-apocalyptic LARP.

So it was a bit sad that he wasn’t going to be there for the last LARP in the area…

But… He was. X-D Only briefly, but he scared the crap out of me! Damn him!

My character, Katya, has had one hell of a character-development! First year I played her she was the hooker everyone payed to get to beat up… The BDSM-hooker she was called. Next year she still was, and also an alcoholic since she’d seen her ex-husband get infected by nuclear waste and get killed. During that LARP however, she got better and ended up in a relationship with J’s character, the sheriff of the little village.

Then there was two years when I couldn’t come, since I was pregnant and then they had the LARP right on Alexandra’s first birthday. *lol*

But during those years I had Katya write love letters to J’s character Alexander. And, with the GM’s blessing, I had her go on a journey to find a cure for J’s character (there’s A LOT of weird shit going on with that character…).

When she returned to the village (and I could join the LARP again last year), she’d ended up knowledgable in healing herbs and now lived openly with J’s character Alexander. She ended up helping to stop a disease spread in the village and asking for Alexander’s hand in marriage that year and they traded rings that she bought for what little cap she’d managed to save up. Katya also befriended the woman running the bar/brothel, a business she’d once helped start up with the previous owner. Said woman ended up infected with nuclear waste and started to turn into a ghoul…

Which brings us to this year!

This year Katya had ended up the owner of the bar/brothel The Lucky Shot! In other words, she was the richest woman in the village! Only one richer than her was the owner of the barbecue/grill/foodstation.

Katya doesn’t ‘work’ in the brothel as such, but she has given a better deal to the hookers under her care than the deal she worked under once when she’d been at the bottom. When the LARP started there were no hookers at all. The first one that asked for a job at the brothel was a young man (it was the guys first LARP to!), and after a trial run from Katya, he got the job. Softspoken, a tease and a fun guy, he soon got popular. Then a woman came as well, asking for a job while she was looking for a man when only knowing his first name. Katya and her employees became pretty good friends. And they thought she was a fair employer as well.

There was A LOT going on during the LARP, HOLY HELL!!! I could write a novel (and did, in swedish, to remember for next year).

But to sum up what affected Katya the most was that…

Alexander, who had both started to turn violent against her and started to withdraw from her, was on a mission to look for mindless ghouls and beta-creatures around the village. He did come to visit her on occasion and acted very creepy and strange one minute and then was the sweetest thing the next (damn you, J!!! scared the CRAP out of me!!! you’re too good a LARPer!!!). Talked in riddles and made Katya really worried about him.

Her male hooker ended up in trouble with the Children of the Night Cathedral that had taken over the law, and she tried to help him to the best of her ability. It made them closer friends, especially after he ended up finding out his brother was a traitor and a cannibal… Said brother was later executed (it was that guys first LARP to!!!). Very dramatic.

She also helped her other hooker, the woman. She did find the man she was looking for. Her son, it turned out. AFTER he’d paid to have sex with her. Oops! As it were though, Katya had nearly done the same thing, years and years ago, when she found her own adult son. A son now traveling on caravans to find supplies for the village. They both bonded over their situation, and became closer friends to.

Alexander eventually disappeared out in the woods again, to Katya’s sadness. The village ended up under a great treat. King Carl, an immortal cannibal (a ghoul with his wits still with him?) and his HORDE of cannibals were coming for the village. Over 300 men. The village is small and does not have protection enough for that. So it was decided to abandon the village. Katya had tried to talk Alexander into coming, but he was determined to stay, that he WAS the village… (creepy much…).

There were two fractions of small armed forces that was leaving the village and offered the villagers a place with them for protection. Children of the Night Cathedral, a group of fanatic believers that shunned all light and loved darkness (pretty much twisting christianity into something seriously perverted) and The University, which was a group of armed scholars pretty much.

Alexander had told Katya in no uncertain terms to go with the men from the University. Katya, however, did not want to abandoned Alexander. Her two friends were leaving, though. The young guy with the men from the Cathedral, which saddened and surprised Katya since he’d told her he did not believe in them at all and was secretly a christian, which Katya is as well (it’s a crime punishable by death). He reassured her he’d just stay with them long enough until he’d learned more from them and until he could join another group of fierce survivors. And hoped they’d see each other again one day. The woman was going to go with the men from the University, since she figured even they needed to relax at times and planned to start anew.

Katya didn’t know what to do, but her decision was taken from her. Since King Carl and his hordes attacked the village and everyone ran to their houses and camps and grabbed what they could. Katya did to, leaving a note for Alexander on her bed which he’d shared with her more than once, before fleeing with everyone else, choosing in the panic to run with the men from the University…

And there endedt the LARP this year!

It was AMAZINGLY fun!!!! The young guy playing Katya’s male hooker and his friend who played his brother impressed THE HELL out of me! It was the first LARP they’d been to, and they were SO GOOD!!! MY GAWD! They said they were returning next year again, since they’d had SO MUCH FUN! I most certainly hope so!

There were a lot of new LARPers this year, in fact. We were about 50 people in total. The oldest two, a couple, who usually only went to Wild West LARPs were really nice and were between 45 and 50 years old. COOL! They were really impressed by us in the bar and brothel! J however deserves a good spanking. Holy HELL, he scared the CRAP out of me showing up right out of the blue without warning, since he’d assured me he was not coming this year. DAMN THE MAN! X-D

All in all, this LARP remains my favorite. I keep having these amazing experiences there, having me scream and shout at a whole village… or cry in a corner… or stumble around drunk… or quite literally throw out drunks… or threaten people… or being threatened by people… or pretend to sex people up… or being a supportive shoulder to cry on... or… or… There’s no end to the list.

I hope this LARP survive despite the area being demolished. The GM’s assured us they were going to try and find an alternative area to be at. I most certainly hope so.

So with that in mind… To be continued next year! :-D

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This summer is going to go down the history books... Geezes christ. o.O

I don't even know how it ended up this way, but I'll be exhausted after this summer. And it's not like there's anything bad going on. It's all good fun exciting stuff! But... THERE'S A LOT OF IT!!! o.O

  • May 8th and May 9th Ruchi is coming to visit me! We've followed each other here on LJ since I got my LJ almost... which was 2001. That's A LONG TIME AGO! And now she's coming to visit me. In just 2 weeks. I can't even wrap my head around that. Crazy! I so look forward to it though! I just worry what to show her? I mean, what can little Borås have to show to a born and breed girl from Brooklyn New York?!?!? I am just a LITTLE panicked over this fact! o.O *flails and runs around*

  • June 5th I am going to Sweden Rock Festival to watch Mötley Crües final visit to Sweden. It's their Last Tour run in Europe this summer, and once they'd done this world tour (running around the world a couple of times it appears... mostly in the US...), after that... They'll split up. They've even signed a contract for this. It's sad. Mötley Crüe is one hell of a band come glam metal rock. I love their music. But Mick Mars, bless him... His body is literary giving up on him. I have SUCH admiration of that man. So I understand if they pull the plug, I really do.

  • June 18th-21st me and Alexandra was supposed to stay at mom's to celebrate Midsummer. Supposed, I say. Since mom called today. She is getting surgery done on her stomach to remove extra skin after her gastric bypass. Something she's waited a long time for. And she found out today what dates to be at the hospital for this. 18th. Of course. Fuck. Peting is going to visit his best friend that lives 8 hours drive from here for that weird Midsummer paty that said best friend arranges each year. And what with the disaster last year with neither me nor Alexandra doing very good... I am NOT going. So I'd planned to spend Midsummer with mom. Well, that just didn't happen. Now I don't know what to do? I might call my brother and see... Maybe MIL... Although Peting and his relatives just don't celebrate Midsummer, which I love to do, so we'll see what happens there. I have some time yet to plan.

  • June - July somewhere [personal profile] snowstormskies might come to visit me again. She did last summer and she LOVED it here, which was wonderful to hear. We had a lovely, lovely time. Unfortunately she's having a really rough time right now, so it's not sure she'll be able to make it. I'd love to be able to give her hugs again though.

  • July 17-19th it's the yearly summer LARP based on the Fall Out games. So we call it the Fall Out LARP even if it's really called Valvet. One of the BEST LARP's I've been to! I've had such AMAZING things happen during that LARP, I don't even have words. I just pray and hope my darling friend J is coming this year. I ADORE playing with him! He is SUCH a sweetheart with one hell of a twisted mind. You end up plotting with him? You bet your ass you'll have one hell of a time. I've screamed. I've cried. I've scarred myself (accidentally from stumbling and hitting my knee on a rock!). I've been terrified. I've laughed so hard my stomach hurts. It's... such an amazing LARP, I'd hate to miss it. Oh, and it so happens it runs during my birthday weekend this year. Of course. X-D (My birthday is the 19th.)

  • 22nd of August my friend Chigrima who I wrote my masters thesis with is getting married to her long time friend and then partner Silvestris. They've meet and ended up friends before I meet Peting and got together with him. They were just friends at first. Then they were friends sharing an apartment... And then I think it progressed from there. These two ladies are AMAZING! They really are. And I am absolutely THRILLED they are getting married!

And I'm supposed to be able to work there somehow to. At a new job. I don't even know how this happened. I swear. But I need an extra vacation after this summer. o.O

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