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This is just going to be a quick little note. :-)

I've just got caugth up on all my f-lists, but am a bit behind on Twitter and Instagram. So, yeah... Getting there with social media.

Family is doing pretty good.

Well, Peting has been feverish and have had a HORRID cough lately, but he is SLOWLY healing. He got NO patience though.

Alexandra had a fever for a little while to, but it passed quickly. I think she had the germs Peting is struggling with now.

I'm stressed as per normal, but I feel like I have things moderately in control at work now. At home though... Well, since Peting been sick, he doesn't want to do ANYTHING! And when we usually split things, and now we haven't... Well, that means I've had to do the majority of the household work as well. So yeah, not happy. I don't get it how my brother does it that is a single dad with two kids. o.O

Anyhow, we'll see if I can keep it up with LJ/DW this time. I do feel so much better when I write here. It's strange, isn't it, how just getting your life down in words makes things better?

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So much has been going on since I wrote last. Goodness… I should really update here more. It makes me feel better just to get things down in words. Strange how it’s easier to write like this in english than in swedish these days…


I guess no one has missed the # metoo hashtag? Neither have I. It’s fucking depressing. I see all these women who hasn’t come forward until now. Who hasn’t gotten help. I’m a very caring person, so I fucking HURT for everyone. For every story I see. And I freaking bleed when I see that so many of my old and new friends have gone through the same.

And I… haven’t. Drunk shit talking I don’t count. Because I am JUST as bad, to be quite honest (thanks mom). But I haven’t been grabbed against my will, no one has tried to talk me into sex. Last time I was catcalled I was… 12-13 years old.

When I was out partying with my friends growing up… I mean, you only need to be 18 years old to go to clubs and bars drinking here in Sweden. So when were out clubbing and dancing, my friends used me as a wall. Yeah, a wall.

So how do you think you use a fat girl as a wall? I’ll let you know.

We were a pretty big couple of friends then, standing in circle or pile of friends dancing our asses off. And, my smaller or thinner friends attracted attention from boys/young men. I didn’t. So my friends asked my help to get them away from them. So I just moved over and danced between my friend and whoever boy/young man tried to get their attention. I was a wall / safety net between them and the unwanted attention.

That’s how you use a fat girl as a wall.

My brain is a really fucked up place right now. Because all these Metoo stories, my brain keeps telling me and asking me… ‘Well, there must be something wrong with you.. Because if you’d been normal you’d also have been sexually assaulted or raped. Because that’s the normal thing, that’s what desirable pretty girls got. You didn’t, you scared men off from doing that, so there must be something wrong with you.’

Thanks brain. Thanks a whole lot. I’m just going to crawl into a dark corner, because I don’t even know……

Happier post in the future, I hope.

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So, I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge. Or Dead Men Tell No Tales, as it's also been called.

If you've followed me for a while, you'd know this is actually a bit of a big deal for me. I've been a HUGE fan of the Pirates movies for years, was quite active in the fandom for a couple of years there to. Until the fourth movie came out, On Stranger Tides. And, OK. I admit. The only redeeming quality in that one was Ian McShane. Dude. He is making a CONVINCING villain, just saying. But the rest of the movie was shit. So I usually try to ignore it's existence. Also, it killed my joy of the fandom. So I stopped participating in the fandom totally after that.

And hey, On Stranger Tides didn't have my favorite character at all. Cursed Captain Will Turner. In this it did. Pretty hands on. Since we now have a new generation of pirates. Elisabeth's and Will's son, Henry Turner... Dead set on finding a way to free his father. We even see him risking his life to go visit his father on The Flying Dutchman as a kid... Bet Elisabeth wasn't to happy about that, poor woman. Both being a mother to a wild kid AND keeping track of Willl's heart... Do not envy her.

This movie, however, was really good. It brought back the darkness and sense of humor from the first three, which I TRULY enjoyed. It didn't quite reach up to the awesome of those movies, but DAMN did it get close!

I don't know really where to start with this about what I liked and didn't with this, because true to the other movies, the story is... somewhat all over the place. *LOL* One thing with the story that I DID enjoy though is that it did a wonderful tieback to the earlier movies. What with Henry being deadset on helping his father be free of the curse of The Flying Dutchman and needing Captain Jack to succeed with that... Sounds familiar? Yep. That's what Will Turner tried to do to, saving his father from The Flying Dutchman... It could have been done badly that tieback, but it wasn't. It was done really well. And the guy playing Henry Turner, Brenton Thwaites, did a WONDERFUL job playing Will and Elisabeth's son. He even has so much resemblance it's even very believable! GOOD CASTING!

The pretty girl of the movie, because there has to be one, has one thing in common with Elisabeth... She is really kicking ASS!!! And she is very very smart to, being an educated girl. Which puts her in trouble, because she's being accused of being a witch. Not easy having the smarts as a young woman during the age of sail... There's even a WONDERFUL secret that she carries, without knowing, that works so VERY well and also ties into that tieback in a way that's a whole new generation taking over... VERY cleverly done, script writers! I should have seen that one coming, but I will admit... I didn't.

I also always love Love LOVE seeing Geoffrey Rush playing Captain Hector Barbossa! He is SO over the top with EVERYTHING! :-D He is a true enjoyer of all life has to offer, over the top. As much gold as the ship can carry... as much food as possible... live music on the ship... the finest clothes... a golden pegleg... You get the picture. And it WORKS! I don't know how Rush makes it work, but despite all that, Barbossa can be a very scary pirate as well! I loved seeing him again, and I loved seeing more dept to him, so awesome! He is a great character for sure! And his interactions with Captain Jack Sparrow, is just... LOVE so much love! They play off each other perfectly!

The villian of the play was Captain Salazar, and Javier Bardem played him to PERFECTION! About as creepy as Ian McShane was in the fourth (failure) movie, with a hint of humor as well. In an interview I saw in the extras he compares the living Salazar as a matador and the undead Salazar as a wounded bull... And I can totally see that! In a flashback we get to see the proud and focused Captain Salazar of the spanish fleet hunting pirates. A man with a mission and knowledge in his own abilities. What you'd expect from a successful captain. As an undead, you see only focused revenge, hunched over from old wounds (half the back of his head is gone), walking sticking his head out first as if he wants to kill his enemies with just his stare... Really creepy. Wonderful performance by Bardem! He was brilliant!

And then, of course, there's Captain Jack Sparrow. I mean, yeah OK... say what you will about Johnny Depp, but I don't think anyone else could have done Jack Sparrow. To say that character is memorable would be an understatement. In all the movies, that character just owns every scene he is in. There's just not much else to say about him, is it? :-) He plays off of everyone with perfection, he really does. Either infuriating them... or making them love him (few). It's a good thing he has his best first mate Master Johsmee Gibbs who has his back, ALMOST all the time... *lol* Or he'd be doomed. His reaction to Henry revealing who is, is just hilarious! X-D Also, we all knew Keith Richards was Jacks dad, Captain Teague... But who knew Paul McCartney was his uncle??? X-D Uncle Jack Teague, apparently! *LOL* Hilarious! And Paul really looked like he had a grand old time playing an old pirate! So fun!

My favorite though, as his been since the second film, was Captain Will Turner! Oh, my heart... I nearly jumped out off the couch seeing him right in the beginning of the movie. He was about to go down Captain Jones road there, all barnacles and stuff... No wonder Henry wanted to save him! Even if Will told him not to find him again... Bless his heart, he'd come running to save him every time he jumped into the oceans I bet, not able to help himself... I bet Henry knew that to. My favorite part with all Pirates movies is the whole myth around The Flying Dutchman and it's crew. And from what little we saw off it, it does seem as if Will has a hard time keeping his crew in check... VERY interesting that... He didn't want them to see he had a living person onboard, his son, for what little time he was there. Hence he hurried him off and dived with the Dutchman. I wonder why? That's a mystery I'd REALLY like to get the answer to!!!

I won't spoil the movie, but yeah. It was a joy to see Will again!

It felt like they tied up a lot of lose ends, and even though there IS an opening for more movies, as per usual, I wouldn't say it's a certainty. This one felt more finished than the others, you know? It was a good ending to them all. And for gawds sake, IF they decide to make another one? Bring back to the two viking directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg from Norway to do the job, because they did a GREAT job!!! As did the screenwriter Jeff Nathanson! Of course there was plotholes, when aren't there in a Pirates movie, but they were easier to overlook in this one than in the fourth (horrible) movie. :-)

So in conclusion I can say, if you like pirates? Watch this one! It's well worth your time! :-D

Maybe I should start reading Pirates fic again... Hmm...

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Ugh, ugh... Ears are still fucked up. Been to the doctors today, and was told I have liquid behind my eardrums. Yeah, I was at the nurses office/care center and had a doctor check them.

So now I have a special nasal drop/spray to take twice a day. I just hope it works. I can't really be away from work much longer... :-/ Mostly because I know how much stuff I have to do once I get back there.

Was supposed to be on the radio for a discussion-show, but since I can't hear... It's a bit hard to follow a discussion then. Gladly the show host managed to find someone else that could take my place. Phew.

Wednesday I have a class after work, so I kinda have to get back to it next week. It's at the university, so... Yeah.

My MIL called tonight all worried and asked why I hadn't been told about the trick where you hold your nose and blow, making the air go towards your ears instead of out your nose (since you hold it). That should pop the ears. But I've tried this. Several times. And it just doesn't work! It's the most common trick to use when these things happen. Apparently it has happened plenty times to my MIL. First time for me. I really hope it won't return...

Right now I mostly try to take it easy... and feel horrible that I can't hear what my kid is telling me... :-(

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Onwards to some real life updates and stuff, because well... why not? It's what I do, what I use this journal for. To get stuff off my chest, good or bad. And if anyone reads, than that's fine to. :-)

Last weekend not so much happened, but the weekend before that me and Alexandra went by TRAIN to visit my brother and his kids.

Alexandra had never been on a train before that. To say she was existed would be... a bit of an understatement. To say the least. She did great though, and it ended up being a great experience. Now though she keeps nagging us that she wants to do it again. X-D

We also went to the big public pool and spa and sporting arean called... Arenan. Yeah, well. The public pool part of the house is AMAZING!!! Seriously amazing! :-D It was smaller and not that much to call home about when I was a kid, but since they renovated that place, it has ended up really amazing. So we had a really good time there me and my brother with our kids. Alexandra was extatic since she loves going to public pools AND hanging around with her cousins.

After that we went home to my brother and made his specialty for supper... Meatball pizza. X-D Kids loved it, and after that they just hang around watching TV, since they were so tired, so it was easy getting them IN bed. Harder to get them to sleep since they were so happy to have a sleepover together... Cousins... *LOL*

Once they fell asleep, me and my brother tried some strong liquer and baked a cake, cookies, muffins and spongecake... Because the day after that my brother had his birthday party!

YES! My little brother turned 36 years old! YAY!!!!

And Peting came as well, of course, and after the birthday party we just went home and collapsed.

It was a GREAT weekend, and I have to agree with Alexandra there... We HAVE to do that again! :-D

After that it's been work, work, work... daycare, daycare, daycare... Split up with visits to the stable.

Yes, I haven't mentioned that, have I? Alexandra, my dear darling daughter, who has nagged us about horses and wanting to start riding has finally started to do just that. I think she started to beg about it when she was around 3 years old. Thanks to her cousin being a seriously horsecrazy girl, and still is.

So every Saturday we go to the riding school, and she has about a 45 mins riding lesson. Alexandra is VERY shy around new people that she doesn't know, to the point of it being almost annoying. But at the riding school, I guess there's HORSES!!! So who has time to be shy then? *lol*

Last weekend and this week though has been less fun. Night between Thursday and Friday Alexandra started coughing. And coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing... All night long. So I stayed home with her during Friday. While she kept coughing. Alexandra had croup as a baby, so as soon as she starts coughing... she is REALLY COUGHING!!! So we spent Friday in the cough watching weird cartoons. Moderately enjoyable, until...

My ear started to hurt and feel weird... And as soon as something effect my ears, my tinnitus goes high wire and is getting REALLY NOISY!!! I usually don't notice it, but yeah...

Alexandra stopped coughing during the weekend, but my ear and also the other other ear just kept getting worse. The noise going louder, and I started to be hard of hearing. Worse and worse...

Worked Monday, since my schedule was SMACKED FULL! Managed being bought supper in the evening by my workmates since I'd had my 40th birthday this year. And, during my workday, looking good while being photographed for the yearly school catalog where there's photos of all the classes in the school and all the staff. :-)

And I managed a visit to the nurses office/care center as well! Where I got medication that you drop directly into your ear, so I started doing that right away!

Tuesday, worked my gruling ten hour day, and felt worse and worse, my hearing got worse and worse, and it was a pain in the ass to try to hear what the patrons in the regular library was saying...

So, Wednesday onwards I've been at home. I rarely call in sick, since I'm the only librarian at the school, and they rarely very rarely take in substitutes for me, since it's not easy being a sub for me since I have everything in my head... :-P

Unfortunally though my ears haven't improved. Instead it feels like they've gotten worse. :-/ And of course Alexandra got sick as well Tuesday running a high fever. Today though she was perfectly fine, so she's going back to daycare tomorrow. Today she's pulled me down and talked straight into my ear. And I had a hard time hearing her despite that. :-( I feel horrible about it.

Plan for tomorrow is to someone get to the nurses office/care centre to get more help, because I can't be on sick leave any longer!!! Besides, I'D LIKE TO BE ABLE TO HEAR WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING TO ME, THANKS!!!!

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I... What? How? Wait... I'm... I'm... speechless... o.O

I really don't know where to start... o.O And hence it’s taken so long to post this…

If you don’t get that it’ll be spoilers under here, I don’t even know… SPOILERS!!!! )

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I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I grew up with a Disney-crazed mom, and well... I got the bug to. :-) When I grew up Disney released a main feature film every Christmas (in Sweden at least) and it was tradition to go watch it as a family. EVERY YEAR! :-D

And lets not even go into the hours I've watched classical cartoon shorts and movies on VHS tapes and later DVD's with my parents. :-) It was a thing. And I still LOVE Disney-movies!

Not to mention the amount of Disney comics I've read through the years, especially Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck comics...

Kiddo, well... She's all into Disney Junior. And wants it to be on all day, even if she doesn't watch it! She might be in her room playing not watching the TV. But as soon as we turn it off or change the channel she goes nuts. *LOL*

And let us not get into how OBSESSED she's been with Frozen! The amounts of times I've lived through watching it is... a bit insane. There was a period in the beginning of her obsession that she wanted to watch it up to 4 times a day... o.O Yeah.

But there's a few of the later movies that I have to say... Are really good! Especially the music! Yes, Frozen IS a good movie to. It's just that... I've watched it to many times at this point. *LOL*

Disney music that I can put on just because I enjoy it is at the moment the music from the movie Princess and The Frog. 1920's music? Oh HELL yes! :-D So nice. And the movie is quite good to. Although Alexandra thinks the Shadow Man is quite scary, she does enjoy the movie and wants to watch it from time to time.

The new favorite though, that have potential to be 'the new Elsa' is... Vaiana. Yes, that would be Moana to almost all of the rest of the world. In many European countries the name got changed because, well... There's a porn star in Italy called Moana, OK. And she has a trademark for her name. :-P There you go.

Alexandra REALLY likes this movie! And the music is REALLY catchy! It's gotten stuck in my head MORE than once!

I like that Alexandra loves these movies. All three of them, if I include Frozen, have pretty kick ass female leads. :-) And the main goal of the movies is NOT to get the prince! Hell, Prince Hans in Frozen is the bad guy (not a spoiler at this point, I believe) and in Princess and The Frog it's Tiana that teaches the prince a lesson or two!

Yeah, Alexandra has a thing for Tangled to, and yeah... Rapunzel IS a princess but I think she's pretty kick ass to, even if the music isn't quite as catchy in that one...

But yeah. Go Disney for bringing on the KICK ASS princesses!

And I have to admit though... I am curious at Frozen 2 seeing the rumors for it... Lesbian Elsa? HELL YES! Come on, Disney! Join the 21st century!

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Work has been... hectic lately to put it mildly. I've probably said this before, but if someone comes over to me to say that it seems so calm to work in a library, I will punch them in the face. Seriously.

The school has started and with that the crazy planning for this term. When all the teachers wants to talk to me at the same time. And I'm supposed to book things with all the teachers to make sure I'll have time to visit all the classes I'm supposed to visit this term. Meaning, the sooner I start the better, but the teachers just wants me to wait and wait and wait... leaving me very little time. And will make the end of the school-term stressful as fuck. :-P

Fun times there, in other words.

On the other hand, I do like working at this school. Weird as that might sound. I like the kids and teens that come from so many different cultures. I like challanging them with LGBT picturebooks and books, considering what many gets feed regarding that at home. I like discussing with them a lot. I learn a lot. And I hope they learn something from me to. And the teachers and staff at that school is OUT OF THIS WORLD! So hard working and SO CARING! Not to mention a lot of fun to. :-D

I've been at a drinking party with these teachers... It was one of the more insane drinking parties I've been at. X-D

So even though I whine and tear my hairs out sometimes over both kids/teens at the school AND the teachers... I still love working there. :-) Funny, isn't it?

And in the end, I usually get my schedule to work out anyway. :-)

So there's that.

And my kiddo she's turned into quite the little horse girl! She goes to riding school now, every Saturday morning at 9:15 we have to be there and the class starts at 9:30. A pretty good time, I'd say.

She's had three lessons now. First one was more introduction. They learned the different body parts of a horse. That ponies were smaller than horses, but could still come in various sizes. Diffent parts of the equipment needed. What a horses needed to be healthy and happy... Things like that, but on a very simple level. The kids where between 4-6 years old. Alexandra is just 5 years old, but she was totally excited and listened carefully to her teacher!

The last two classes she's been on a horse. Last time with a saddle on and this time no saddle. She's been doing great! And the smile on her face first time she sat on a horse was PRICELESS!!!

She's so so so happy to take riding lessons! She really does love it and talks about it a lot! Sounds like she's learning things already and corrects me and Peting if we use the wrong word for something. (Already?) I'm so happy we were in a position were we could give her the chance to really explore this interest she has in horses. And the riding school we've found have been really wonderful so far. :-)

So even though the stress-factor at work is... a bit insane, life is still pretty good, I'd say. :-)

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Excuse me everyone while I say HOLY FUCK!!!

You guessed it, there's a shit ton of spoilers for two episodes under here!!! Don't click if you don't want to see it!!! )

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Let’s start with Alexandra's knee, shall we?

Adventures in swedish healthcare to find out what's wrong with kiddo's knee... )

Me turning 40 and kiddo turning 5 means A HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! )

Work, work... and Alexandras dream coming true! )

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