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I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I grew up with a Disney-crazed mom, and well... I got the bug to. :-) When I grew up Disney released a main feature film every Christmas (in Sweden at least) and it was tradition to go watch it as a family. EVERY YEAR! :-D

And lets not even go into the hours I've watched classical cartoon shorts and movies on VHS tapes and later DVD's with my parents. :-) It was a thing. And I still LOVE Disney-movies!

Not to mention the amount of Disney comics I've read through the years, especially Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck comics...

Kiddo, well... She's all into Disney Junior. And wants it to be on all day, even if she doesn't watch it! She might be in her room playing not watching the TV. But as soon as we turn it off or change the channel she goes nuts. *LOL*

And let us not get into how OBSESSED she's been with Frozen! The amounts of times I've lived through watching it is... a bit insane. There was a period in the beginning of her obsession that she wanted to watch it up to 4 times a day... o.O Yeah.

But there's a few of the later movies that I have to say... Are really good! Especially the music! Yes, Frozen IS a good movie to. It's just that... I've watched it to many times at this point. *LOL*

Disney music that I can put on just because I enjoy it is at the moment the music from the movie Princess and The Frog. 1920's music? Oh HELL yes! :-D So nice. And the movie is quite good to. Although Alexandra thinks the Shadow Man is quite scary, she does enjoy the movie and wants to watch it from time to time.

The new favorite though, that have potential to be 'the new Elsa' is... Vaiana. Yes, that would be Moana to almost all of the rest of the world. In many European countries the name got changed because, well... There's a porn star in Italy called Moana, OK. And she has a trademark for her name. :-P There you go.

Alexandra REALLY likes this movie! And the music is REALLY catchy! It's gotten stuck in my head MORE than once!

I like that Alexandra loves these movies. All three of them, if I include Frozen, have pretty kick ass female leads. :-) And the main goal of the movies is NOT to get the prince! Hell, Prince Hans in Frozen is the bad guy (not a spoiler at this point, I believe) and in Princess and The Frog it's Tiana that teaches the prince a lesson or two!

Yeah, Alexandra has a thing for Tangled to, and yeah... Rapunzel IS a princess but I think she's pretty kick ass to, even if the music isn't quite as catchy in that one...

But yeah. Go Disney for bringing on the KICK ASS princesses!

And I have to admit though... I am curious at Frozen 2 seeing the rumors for it... Lesbian Elsa? HELL YES! Come on, Disney! Join the 21st century!

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Yes, indeed.

I've now posted about our great vacation and all that... And now we'll go to the horrible things that have, pretty much, happened at the same time. To my mother.

It started the day I drove [personal profile] snowstormskies to the airport, I think. Or the day before that. Mom called and told me she'd taken a fall on the cobblestones in the city where she usually goes to shop. She'd had her dancing shoes on, with a little heel. The heel had gotten stuck, and she'd fallen over. Hit her elbow, her chin and her knee. She thought she'd just twisted her elbow or stunned it, and figured it would pass by itself. Even went to visit my brother that day. He said her knee and her elbow had been really swollen, and he'd told her she was nuts not going to the ER. But hey, she was in a good mood and not in much pain.

However, that night her elbow had gotten worse, so she'd gotten her gentleman caller to drive her to the ER. And... she'd broken her elbow. Badly. They did x-rays and after seeing the doctor there, they told her they couldn't help her there since the elbow was just such a broken mess it needed to be replaced. And that specialist was in Gothenburg, two hours from there and he'd call as soon as he had the possibility to do the surgery. Most likely Friday.

The Friday we were going to Astrid Lindgren's world, mind...

Both me and my brother sighed, but were prepared to cancel our trip so my brother could drive her to the hospital, which he has done to everything nearly so far. She, however told us in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that we should go, have fun with our kids and as soon as she'd wake up she'd call us so we'd know she was fine.

Me and my brother was a bit nervous about it, but OK. Our kids were all excited about going so off we went (and had a great time, as you've seen). On Friday mom called and even though she was groggy from the medications and all that, we could hear that she was doing fine. The surgery to replace the crushed parts of her elbow had been a success! No complications, she'd done great before, during and after the surgery. SUCH A RELIEF!!!

Considering our dad died when doing a replacement surgery in his hip, our mom hurting herself and ending up doing surgery DOES make me and my brother somewhat nervous. BUT THINGS HAD GONE FINE! She just had to stay at the hospital for a couple of days for observation and to start learning how to train her elbow to make sure it didn't lose muscle and all that...

So that went well!

And, yesterday, she was allowed to come home. So, my brother and his kids picked her up all hugs and all that. And went home to my moms house, so they could spend time with her in the evening and make sure she was settled after being away from home for... four-five days.

They walked in the door and first thing she saw her cat Ozzy, her HUGE Maine Coon cat, unmoving on the carpet where he usually sleeps. Now he barely moved... nor breathed. Cue panic.

To mom her cats are her sweethearts. They're her babies. And she loves them SO MUCH. Nearly as much as she loves me and my brother and her grandkids, I'd say.

My brother just helped mom get the cat in his carrier, then he took her and his kids and the cat to the animal hospital, which is quite the drive away, but he just did it. He, as I, know how much those cats mean to my mother.

When they got there Ozzy was so weak, they didn't dare to put him through x-ray, he was placed in intensive care with extra oxygen to help him breath. Mom was a mess, totally heartbroken.

They stayed there all evening. There were a few exams of Ozzy, although they didn't dare to disturb him to much. Apparently his intestines were clogged up for some reason. And they suspected he'd eaten something that wasn't good for him. Telling mom and brother there were nothing they could right now, Ozzy would be under constant watch in intensive care and they'd call them as soon as they knew anything or there were any changes.

So they left. And shortly after they came home to moms, deciding my brother and both his kids spending the night at moms... (Brothers kids didn't want to leave their grandma alone... gawd, I love those kids!) Anyway, shortly after they came home around 11pm late late at night, the animal hospital called. And Ozzy had died when they'd tried to take a sample of his blood to find out what was wrong with him.

Beautiful, majestic black gentle giant Ozzy had died right then and there.


Mom is ABSOLUTELY heartbroken. That huge cat was her baby boy. He and his best mate Eddie, a small lean farmcat. Eddie and the other two cats she has, Måns and Svea, are all alive and well. But yeah. Mom is so upset, heartbroken and sad over losing Ozzy, I just can't even.

They buried Ozzy in her yard today. Next to the two cats I grew up with 20 years ago, Pyret and Ida, and her other Maine Coon, Sigge, that also died after being attacked by a wild animal. My brothers kids and mom had picked flowers, and my brother dug the grave.

If you have any good thoughts to send to my mom, please do. We're all heartbroken over losing Ozzy. He was a HUGE gentle giant and a true personality. He'll be greatly missed.

RIP Ozzy.

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Catching up a bit with all these questions here. :-) Let's see how it goes... And if anyone has the stamina to read all of them through. X-D

Question 20 - 30 )

Question 31-40 )

Question 41 - 52 )

All the questions! )

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12: what's your favorite planet?

I can't say I really have a favorite one, so I guess... Earth? Reading up on space and such things have never really been my thing. Nor hugely interesting to me.

13: what's something that made you smile today?

My daughter. :-) She'll have a sleepover at daycare with all her friends tonight and she even woke up excited. Anytime she is excited and happy about something, it makes me smile to. Perks off parenthood? ;-)

I have to say as well that even though it's somewhat chaotic at work, both among the students AND staff right now, it always amaze me and makes me happy the dedication the teachers and staff show not just for this school, but for the community it is in. Which is needed because it is a very socially troubled area. We have gang-members as young as 12-13 at this school.

14: if you were to live with your best friend in an old flat in a big city, what would it look like?

It would be split in two! X-D My best friend is a costuming nerd. She loves historic clothes and clothes from movies, musicals and such. And she is really really good at sewing clothes to! So her half would be filled with such things and her computer. My half would probably be computer, comics and books. :-) And in the middle we would have a HUGE TV and entertainment center, so we could watch movies and such. :-D

15: go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!

I googled "weird space fact" to see what that would give me. And it got me lists! That listed weird space facts. :-D Perfect!

One fact I saw on these lists was this: "We know more about space than we do about the deep in our oceans." Really? One has to wonder then what lurks in the deep then... ;-)

16: what's your favorite pasta dish?

Hard to say. I really do love pasta. Especially spaghetti! When I was pregnant I had the weirdest craving for spaghetti. I could not get enough of it. So what I did was, I made this kebab-sauce that I had found a recipe for years ago. It's really yummy and perfect on salads and such. Anyway, I made a batch of that sauce to keep in the fridge so I wouldn't run out. And then I poured some of that over my spaghettis and also added some mild chili-sauce. And ate. And ate and ate. I could eat a plate of this several times a day!

I don't have a craving fot this anymore, but I do still enjoy it sometimes. Maybe with some meatballs or sausages/hotdogs...

17: what color do you really want to dye your hair?

Purple. Purple, purple, purple... I have ordered the colour now, so it should arrive any day. But I've wanted to do this for YEARS! I also love colouring my hair a fiery red. :-) But for now, PURPLE!

18: tell us about something dumb/funny you did that has since gone down in history between you and your friends and is always brought up.

Not so much friends as I guess the question means, but this story has gone down in history in my family, which includes my best friend. :-)

I was 18-19 years old or something like that. And I was at another friends house having a pre-party. AKA we were sitting around drinking alcohol to get drunk before we were to take the bus and go to a club dancing. Now usually I stuck to one kind of alcohol at a time, but since we were both short of cash, we'd begged our parents for alcohol and pretty much taken what we could. So there was cider, wine, beer, snaps, hard liquor that we mixed with sodas... You name it. And also rosé wine. This will be important.

So we were having a good laugh and drinking and all that. I don't know why, but I drank a lot that night. And ended up extremely drunk. Anyhow, we'd dressed up nicely. Me in my pinstriped suit and my big overcoat (it was winter), and then we went to the bus. Now, it takes about 30 mins by buss to get to the neighboring city where the club was. And as soon as the bus started driving, I started to feel sick. And it just got worse. So after 15 mins I threw up. All over myself. Remember that rosé wine? I'd apparently liked it, because what came out was pink.

I was really gone by then, but from what I remember I was just afraid my dad would be pissed at me. My friend took good care of me, she wasn't quite as drunk, and once the bus stopped she helped me off and took me to a bench. Then she went to a phone-booth and called my parents. (This was before mobile-phones, people.)

My parents? They found this HILARIOUS!!!! And just to fuck with me, my dad was the one picking me up. He was laughing during the whole drive. And once we'd dropped my friend off we went home to hours. I was told to turn off the light outside the garage. I couldn't find the button. I thought there was three of them, when in reality it was just one. That was how drunk I was.

I swear my dad was giggling at that point. It was in January I think, so very cold. Still they helped strip OUTSIDE THE DOOR! On the front porch! Good thing we lived in the middle of nowhere... And that suit and the overcoat? Couldn't wash them normally, drycleaners only. Fun. :-P

My room was on the second floor, so my HIGHLY amused parents had to help me up the stairs. Dad pushed my ass and mom held my hands. Then they took a seat on a chair each in my room and watched me get ready for bed, having a giggle while doing so. Then they patted me, told me I'd feel like shit in the morning and left me to sleep.

Gladly I'd never really had much of a hangover, so I didn't feel like total shit in the morning after, BUT!!! My mother has NEVER let me forget this! Neither has my best friend! Every time they see a bottle of rosé wine they ask me if I want some. I have only had a glas ONCE since. And that, I think, was last year. This story has been a running joke on me for years. :-) How I was so drunk I saw everything times three. And how my parents teased me MERCILESSLY about it.

And you know what? I'm totally cool with it. :-D I can laugh at it myself. Oh, and I've never been as drunk since. I've learned how much I can take and when it's time to stop after that. And being old, I don't go out drinking as much anymore either. :-)

19: do you keep a journal? what do you write/draw/ in it?

Well... Duh! *points to LJ* This is basically the only journal I keep. I used to keep a handwritten one to, and I pretty much wrote the same in that one. Daily things that I experienced and wanted to get down in writing. Just like here. I've not written in it in years though.

All the questions! )

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Can I just say HOLY FUCKING SHIT IN THE OCEAN?!?!?!?! o.O Now I've been part of friending memes before, many times. But I've never EVER been a part of one that has taken off like this. My flist is BURSTING! Geezes, fuck! o.O

Excuse the language, but yeah... o.O Circling the wagon -friending meme rocked my socks off!

Anyway, so part of the deal was to make a post about myself, so here goes... I'll excuse my wordiness right away.

So we begin.. )

Education and work…. )

Family... )

Fandoms... )

Hobbies... )

And I… think that’s it. Props to you if you got through all that. Told you I was wordy! X-D

If you got any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. :-) I really am an open book.

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This is KSena

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