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And so, nearly all my vacation is done and over with... This last week I'll do nothing but laze around and not do shit. Well, apart from the necessary, of course. :-P

So, as you saw on my previous post, the midsummer trip and following week staying with my mom went really well! Better and more awesome than I had expected! So grateful for that! I love my mom to bits, and just to get to stay with her and be around her was bliss.

Anyway, we came home and we had just a few days and then my DEAREST [personal profile] snowstormskies came over! Which was AWESOME!

She didn't stay as long as she did last year, arrived late on Sunday and left midday on Thursday. So, effectively we had three days we could do something fun and hang out. And that we did!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen photos of what we've been up to already. :-) (I'm very active on Instagram...)

We spent one day at Karlsborg Fortress, which is totally cool! If you want the history of the fortress either go there or check out the wiki-page I linked to there. :-D It's an incredible place. Biggest fortress in Sweden! And the short story is that it was built to protect Sweden's gold reserve, government and royal family in case Russia attacked. Historically Russia has been a very real threat to Sweden.

And the guided tour sure reflects that! It's called A Historic Adventure Tour! And an adventure it was. You get to see a movie about how life was like in the fort when it was active. And parts of the tour you get to experience loud fake bombardments and talking dolls as if russians are attacking the fort. So it was a bit hectic and.... quite exciting there for a while! I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with PTSD or any other mental illness!

Alexandra joined us to, and she might have been a bit to young. She was very frightened. The tour guide was great though, said she was a brave princess and feed her and the other kids 'gold coins', aka chocolate coins. :-) And both during and afterward we talked to Alexandra about it very clearly and properly and it seems as if she understood. She keeps saying since that loud bangs are bad. But that she's a brave princess. I couldn't agree more!

Pictures from Karlsborg: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

The day after that me and [personal profile] snowstormskies decided to take a shopping and having a SPA afternoon. And that we did! I usually don't shop much, but I got inspired by [personal profile] snowstormskies and do a fair bit of shopping as well. :-P Mostly useful stuff or things that have broken that I replaced. All good though! I did end up buying scented candles just like last year and the year before that. I guess that's tradition to do now when she visits. X-D

And of course that meant Alexandra got to have a calm day at home with dad, which I think she needed. :-)

So the spa was lovely and the shopping was nice and we ended up having a great dinner in the evening with Alexandra and Peting as well, so that was wonderful. :-)

Spa picture: One

Last day we got to do something together, we decided to go to Torpa Stonehouse. It's a pretty cool medieval mansion/castle that has been in the same family since it was built... and still is. No joke. :-) I took [personal profile] snowstormskies there the first time she visited, and she liked it so much she wanted to go again. So we did! The tour guide was really great, and did the whole tour in english even though she was very insecure in the language. She did great though! She even assured Alexandra there'd be no loud bangs! :-)

After we'd explored the house and all it's crooks, crannies, secret passages and all that, we went to a moderately small house outside where they sold a TON of handmade stuff! Like household items, knitted things, sewn things, leather work, metal work... You name it. :-D All handmade from people around the area. [personal profile] snowstormskies LOVES that sort of thing, and so do I, so that was awesome! Aaaand... we spent some money there, no surprise. X-D

We also went to a neighboring farm/mansion that was a bit younger, I think they started out there during the 1500's... There to they sold a lot of handmade stuff and things, so... we spent some more money. X-D Alexandra got a giant handmade softie snake that she fell head over heels for!

So we had a really good time, you could say!

Pictures from Torpa Stonehouse: One, Two, Three (Most are multiple images.)

Next day I helped [personal profile] snowstormskies clean up the little cabin she stayed in at the camping ground here, Borås Camping. She really enjoyed that little cabin, and it was really easy to clean up as well, to make it ready for the next person renting it. :-)

After that we went to have lunch, picking up Alexandra on the way. Peting choose to fix his own, since he felt his blood sugar levels had gone through the roof lately... Diabetes is such a pain, seriously! But we had a good time still, just us three girls. :-) Then we dropped Alexandra off, hugs all around!

Then I drove [personal profile] snowstormskies to the airport, waving her off. That's always the hardest part. I love, love having her here visiting! And she claims it's good for her somehow. I'm just glad she enjoys my company enough to come visit me once a year. She already plans for next year... ;-)

Saying goodbye: One

So that was the first post! Next post will deal about... adventures with my brother, our kids and Astrid Lindgrens World!

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Catching up a bit with all these questions here. :-) Let's see how it goes... And if anyone has the stamina to read all of them through. X-D

Question 20 - 30 )

Question 31-40 )

Question 41 - 52 )

All the questions! )

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I saw and meet Tokio Hotel in Stockholm!!!!

Oh my world... Where to even start? X-D

OK. Let's see if we can do this.

I worked Wednesday as usual (including stopping a fight in the library... again... wtf?). Since it hadn't been very fun to take Alexandra to daycare with achy leg and heavy bags, I decided that I'd go by cab the rest of the day. Which I did. From daycare and to work. And during my work-day I ordered a cab to come pick me up to and take me to the train station. Which went very well. :-)

And after a little wait, the train came and I went to Stockholm. Only had to change train once, so not much to tell about the trip itself. I bought first class tickets though, because that means more leg-room and a more calm relaxing setting. :-)

So I had a good trip to Stockholm. Calm, nice and relaxing. And when I got there, I found a cab to take me to the hotel. No issues there either.

And the hotel was absolutely lovely. LOVELY, I tell you! And the bed….. SO SOFT! Bliss!

Anyway, the day of the concert I took the chance to have a lovely sleep in, because I’m a mom and that is rare. Then I had a great hotel breakfast, thank you ever so. Really yummy.

I didn’t want to walk around to much, since I wanted to save my broken achy leg for the concert, but I wanted to buy a gift for Alexandra and one for Peting to, for letting me do this. Well, you get what I mean. ;-)

So I walked up the street next to the hotel, but there was no shops really there. Walking back to the hotel, I asked them about it, and they said if I took the bus to the shopping area right next to the Ericsson Globe, I’d get my fill. So I did. :-)

And bought a crafting kit for Alexandra (which we tried today) and a bobble head Darth Vader for [Bad username or unknown identity: ”peting73”], because he is a SUCKER for anything Star Wars. :-) He is probably the biggest Star Wars nerd I know. :-D

That done, I took the bus back to the hotel and my room. Taking a nap and resting my leg on a bunch of pillows to make sure it got a proper rest in preparation of the concert. :-) Was good I did!

I’d located where the venue was before my nap, and it took about… 5-10 mins to walk there… with my limp, so it was very close to the hotel. :-) I got there around 5pm. I got a VIP Humanoid ticket, and had gotten the information that we’d be let in at 5:30pm. That didn’t happen…

Rumours went around that the boys had been late with the previous VIP people, which in turn made everything late… :-P

So we had to wait nearly an extra hour. Them Tokio Hotel boys are notorious for being late, aren’t they?

Anyway, so we got let in by a guy with a Humanoid sign over his head, and the only ones by the stage are those that had paid more money for a better VIP ticket. Meaning I got VERY close to the stage! YAY!

And then more waiting. We had to wait for 1½ hour there! Standing at about the same spot! o.O Can you IMAGINE how my leg was doing at that point?!?!? I couldn’t feel my toes, put it that way…

But all that was forgotten when the concert started! :-D It was GREAT! Yeah, there were a lot of songs from the Dream Machine album, obviously. And I don’t like that album very much. BUT! There were A LOT of songs from Kings of Suburbia as well, and that just so happens to be my favorite album of theirs! :-D And the Dream Machine songs were far better live, to be honest.

It really was a great concert. The mood in the audience was awesome. Singing along and dancing. Bill did a great job of keeping the mood up in the audience, ‘dancing’ around on the stage and engaging with the audience. So did Tom and Georg, when they were down from that tower-thing they were on.

Gustav was obviously stuck behind his drums, and they were a bit to the right side of the stage. I wouldn’t say he was hidden behind speakers, but it was a bit odd a placement. *shrug* I get what they were trying to do. Change it up on stage. And it did work. I just missed having Gustav in the center… But I’m biased. He IS my favorite after all. :-) And I managed to get a few good shots of him, so there’s that! Especially during the drum-solo he and Tom had, which was AWESOME! So glad I managed to film some of that. It was incredible. And the drumming he did in the beginning. Drummers I tell you… *sigh*

Anyway, after the concert was over, the guy with the Humanoid sign showed up again. We asked how long we had, and he said 15 mins. So I hurried like hell to buy a tour-tshirt for me and a tour-crewneck for [Bad username or unknown identity: ”omgwtfskittles”], since she’d asked me to. Then hurried back just in time.

I figured we’d have to wait somewhere since the Tokio Hotel boys were probably sweaty as hell from the show and needed a drink and yeah… You know? And I was right. We were lead out and to a corner in the stairs, where we had to wait. Gladly I could sit down in the stairs there, because hooo boy… My leg HURT at this point.

And again, waiting… Then we were ushered to another spot, to wait some more. This time right outside a pair of doors. And according to those that had been at the pre show M&G it had been there you got to meet them. I found a folded table to lean on to get some weight off my legs, which helped, and then we waited again.

Eventually we got let into a room, that I think was used as a bar even if it wasn’t right then. There were a little stage there with four chairs and in front of that chairs in rows for us to sit on. We got told our dos and don’ts. We could ask the TH boys anything we wanted, it was up to them if they wanted answer. Just be respectful. (Makes sense.) We were NOT allowed to take photos or film them during the Q&A. I get that. It would be hella annoying for the boys otherwise, I can imagine.

So the questions started to be fired off. I can’t remember all. Some of the fans there were taking notes. One asked about the nakedness and possible vag in one of their new videos, which Bill just said they wanted a lot of naked skin that video. Another asked Gustav how it was to be a father and touring. He answered that it was tough to be away from his little one and to miss her progress and development. Bless him. I totally get you, Gustav.

I got to ask a question to! :-D I asked how they felt about having fans that are so much older then them. Sometimes twice their age. Since I can be quite self conscious about that myself. :-P Bill answered that, and said they loved all their fans (obviously), and that it didn’t matter what age they are. And he said that that is the awesome thing about music. That it connects people regardless of age. Then he asked how old I was to ask such a question. So I said 40 years old. And Bill said that I can’t be 40 years old, since I certainly don’t look it! And the other three agreed with him. Well, I said it was true I am 40 years old and thanked him very much and pretty much died of happiness right there. *LOL*

After that it was time for photographs. So everyone had to stand in line and put their things away in one end of the big room, which we did. Quite a few of the girls went nuts and started fixing with their makeup and what not. I checked mine and made sure I didn’t have lipstick on my teeth, but that was all. After a concert where you sing and dance, you can’t help but be a bit of a mess. ;-)

Then a looooong line formed. Dude. The patience and professionalism of the Tokio Hotel boys is amazing. They looked just as happy with each and every fan that came up to them. And this was not the first VIP M&G thing they’d done. And not the last. After a long concert. Wow.

Eventually though it was mine turn. My goal was to get a hug from Gustav. He’s the drummer and my favorite. I wanted to tell him so, since I know for a fact he doesn’t have a huge amount of fans among the band-fans. First you were getting a selfie and then you got lined up with the boys for a professional photo. It was very quick, since they boys know what they’re doing.

My turn I walked up to them, heart beating. (They’re really real!) Gustav was closest and came over to show where to stand. So I told him. Said he’d been my favorite of the band for years (so very true) and that I thought he was amazing. (Wanted to say more, but nerves and time-restraint!) He gave me one of them WONDERFUL smiles and said thank you very much! It sounded sincere. Before me most girls had wanted selfies with just the twins, so the G’s had to step aside a lot. Or just Bill. And for the professional photo, they wanted to have the twins in the middle to hold on to them. Me? I asked if Gustav and Georg would mind being in the middle and in the selfie with me? Sure! they both said. And Gustav gave me half a hug leading me to the mark on the floor. (DEAD, guys! SO DEAD!!!) Then at first Georg and Gustav didn’t know who would take the selfie (Tom usually does when it’s the whole band or just him and Bill.) After a moment though, Georg took my phone and snapped a selfie with me standing in the middle of my favorite boys! (My heart was probably somewhere on the moon by that point.) Then the twins stepped in to and the professional photo was taken. Me in the middle with Georg on one side and Gustav on the other, hand somewhere near my back as far as I could feel. (Did I mention very dead?) And then the twins on each side of them. After that they thanked me for coming to the concert and I left to the next in line could go.

It was all very fast, but man oh man… GOAL REACHED! It was an awkward half hug, but I HAD GUSTAV SCHÄFARS ARM AROUND ME! That boy got MUSCLE, yo!

My leg was an achey mess as I limped over and got the gift that was included in the Humanoid VIP package. A Dream Machine poster with all them boys signature on. And a scarf that said ‘HIGH AS FUCK’ on it. Apparently that’s something Bill said at some point. I’m a bad fan. I’m not sure when, why or how. It’s a nice quality scarf though! Will be great for winter!

I hung out a bit afterwards, outside the doors, with some other fans. Among other a sweet girl that had kept me company in the line before the concert. It was nice to geek out and squee together with others that would understand, you know? So that was awesome.

Eventually though I came to the conclusion I needed to return to the hotel or I wouldn’t be able to walk at all… And I’d gotten very tired after all that.

So I limped, even slower, back to the hotel. And thanked my lucky stars it was that close. *lol*

And even though I’d taken pain meds and was tired, I was to wired to fall asleep right away. I think I spent an hour or two sitting on Twitter and Instagram, just posting photos and short clips from the concert. Just to wind down. :-) After that though, I was able to fall asleep.

Next day I had a lovely morning, just taking it easy in the hotel having breakfast and packing. Didn’t stress even a little bit. :-) I’d ordered a cab in plenty of time, so when I’d gotten to Stockholm Central Station I still had to wait nearly an hour for the train. Which was nice, actually. I like being on train stations.

So yeah, that was my trip to Stockholm and seeing Tokio Hotel live and meeting them. :-D

Here’s the selfie with Georg and Gustav:

Happy me with G's! )

And here’s the professional photo that was taken:

Happy me with ALL Tokio Hotel boys! )

I actually think I look sorta nice in them! The boys look perfect as always, but no surprise there!

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I promised to say if I got any fun calls on The Swedish Number as a random swede. And I did some time ago actually. While doing dishes. In my pajamas. X-D

I had made myself available to take calls, and I got a call. And it was from a radio station in Paraguay. And I was suddenly live talking on the air.


Yes, I'm not even kidding. X-D We had a bit of a language problem since I couldn't speak spanish and they could barely speak english! *LOL* But we made do, and it worked out moderately fine. They wanted to know why I was taking calls, if I thought it was fun. Approximately where I lived in Sweden (so they could look on a map) and the best things I could recommend about Sweden (NATURE, NATURE, NATURE! And Allemansrätten!).

That was a FUN call! The guys were really cute. One of them could speak moderately well english. And I found out he'd learned it from movies. In particular, the Star Wars movies. Apparently such a big fan, he was called Jedi. Ha ha ha! SO AWESOME! They tracked my twitter down after I gave the name to them, so now I know what the station is called. Mandiorama! A bunch of true gentlemen, to be quite honest! So if you know spanish, well... ;-)

Here's their twitter: @Mandiorama and their Facebook: Mandiorama.

Since then I haven't taken that many calls, though. :-P I've amused myself to catch up on the the swedish TV show Let's Dance instead, which is the swedish version of Dancing with the stars. :-) It's very campy and cheesy and filled with clichés, but I can't help but love it.

I also follow a very nice documentary series that try to understand the many many beggers from Romania we have here in the city were I live, Borås. It has become a problem, and the question is HOW to help all these people the best? The documentary series is not saying it has an answer, it just wants to show that these are people too, they have a reason for being here and have lives like everyone else. It's gut-wrenching to watch, but important to, I believe.

What's more been going on? Not much. After Alexandra's run in with high fevers and that fever cramp, things has been going on as normal with her. Nothing strange there.

We visited mom and celebrated her birthday, which was GREAT! :-D When I asked mom what she wanted she said she wanted socks. OK then! The woman wanted socks, she’ll get socks. *LOL* So I bought a lot of fun ones from SockDreams. Made me giggle, and I knew mom would love it. :-)

Only problem was that for some reason they had some problem in the US, namely LA, when the package was to be shipped, so I didn’t get it until it was too late. And I’d ordered it with plenty time to! So she got some flowers instead and we decided she’d get her gift when next we meet.

Two days after we got home, her socks arrived. Which Alexandra thought was so much fun, so day after they’d arrived she decided that we were going to post grandma a package with her socks. *LOL* And Alexandra was SOOOO DETERMINED! So we wrapped them up, we sorta wrote a letter and after dinner we went to the nearest post office and posted it. Alexandra thought it was SO MUCH FUN!

Alexandra and the package to grandma! )

Silly girl. *lol* Mom loved to get a surprise package though, so I’d call it a success. :-)

Work, well… it’s insane as ever. Preparations for our move from our temporary premises is in full swing behind the scenes. I’ve seen furniture and shelves for the new library presented from four companies, and it looks wonderful. Once everyone else have decided what company they like the most, it’ll be decided and work to start furnish the school and library will start. This a slow process though, and I’m already stressed over August when school starts up again. (That’s healthy… not.) I’m really looking forward to have a totally fresh and new library though! :-D

When not working I’m totally fangirling online like always. A lot of time goes to roleplaying with @Duodeathstar. And to help [livejournal.com profile] tattooofhername with her MASSIVE fic Transition! Dark, so very dark a fic. But DAMN! It’s SO GOOD! Proud to be a part of that. :-D

Talking off fandom’s and such, one of my new friends on my friendslist, [livejournal.com profile] denorios, has written SUCH an interesting piece of meta on the evolution of fandoms. And it’s SO GOOD! You need to go read it stat! Who is the best fan? The one who followed the band/actor before they were popular? Or the fans that just discovered them? Or are ALL fans just as good? ;-)

What are your thoughts on the evolution of fandom?

You can probably guess my view on the matter. ;-)

Sad thing lately, and well… All of 2016 is all the artistic icons that keep dying this year. Latest in the list is Prince who died last night (my time).
He was such an amazing artist and seemed to have been an amazing human being to. I’m quite sure he’ll be greatly missed. Not only by fans, but family I’m sure.

Here’s Prince’s halftime show from SuperBowl 2007, which is so damn impressive. Pouring rain, lightning and thunder… And what does he do? Rock on in one hell of a halftime show on a slick stage with electric lights, playing several electric guitars and walking around on crazy high heels. The man rocked. Hands down.

Prince rocking out on stage in pouring rain! )

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I don't know what it is with my Christmas-spirit this year, but I gotta say. I have none.

I've been working my ASS off trying to fix Christmas-gifts for everyone. Usually I buy on online-auctions, used and new stuff. Also websites and such. But I was a bit late doing that, so... All arrived though, in the nick of time. I wrapped what was supposed to be the last one tonight.

Except one hasn't arrived. [livejournal.com profile] peting73's hasn't arrived. So.... Slightly pissed off about that. And I ordered it the 2nd of December to! So I wasn't THAT late...

And I've tried to keep the apartment clean, and well... I've sorta managed that. In between Alexandra's temper tantrums. Oh yeah, she has started with those now.

Night between Thursday-Friday she stayed up from 1:30am to 5am. I'd gone to bed at 1am. Then she wakes up at 7am again, and we're home alone since [livejournal.com profile] peting73 is at work.

I was not a happy momma then. Gladly I had a sleep in both Friday morning and Saturday morning, since it was LARP-time for me this weekend!

But... I stayed up until 4am Saturday morning either way, so didn't sleep to much then either. Helped a friend with some stuff online then, even if... Well. Friend it feels like I'm in a drama with, so... I don't know. Worried like FUCK about her while at the same time I'm driven up the wall.

Long story there, not going into it.

Add to that that my OTHER really good friend online has gone MIA lately, and what with her suffering from a permanent disease, that kinda worries me... a lot.

I've sent off a ton of packets and christmas-cards today, so they'll be late, but they're on the way, so... perhaps call it a New Years card instead, maybe? *shrug*

Usually I have a shit-ton of spoons, but this christmas? Feels like there are no spoons left, wth? What is this with me lately?

[livejournal.com profile] peting73 does offer to help, but I don't know what to tell him. I just SEE what needs to be done during the day, and he... don't. And it's hard to make a list of things that I do during the day, especially during Christmas.

And next year we'll have a gathering here on the 23ed instead of going to [livejournal.com profile] peting73s mom like we'll do tomorrow... Oh, I do NOT look forward to that. Well, I do, but not the preparations for it. With Alexandra a year older to. Oh gawd...

Well, this was a chipper post, wasn't it?


I'll just go to bed and pull something old and ugly over me. Like my cover.

And I haven't even painted my nails. *RAGE*

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