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Ah, this Fallout LARP... How I love you! :-D

I miss calculated and came to the conclusion this is actually the EIGHT LARP this year! WOW!!! When my friends first started this LARP they didn’t think it would last more than a year or two. I guess they were wrong? :-D I’m glad they were, because this has ended up being something I look forward to each year. :-)

If you know nothing about the Fallout games, I’d suggest you check out at least a little bit about the world. It’s post apocalyptic… The big bombs fell during the 1940’s, and so whatever technology there is, is built on the technology from that time. So is the music and the fashion with some steampunk thrown in and some random fantasy and… Well, yeah, you get the picture I hope. :-) It’s a fun and interesting world to explore!

I’ve played the same character all years, Katya Hollander. She started out as a prostitute, whore, sex worker… whatever name you want to use. She was the one that you had to pay the most to… because she let you do pretty much anything to her. She was an alcoholic, driven there by her ex husband and the fact her son had been stolen from her by bandits when he was a baby.

Said husband died horribly by a piece pipe that he thought held a treasure but instead was stuffed with radiation affected and rotten food… Insanity and death happened.

Her son, Timothey, however, did return after escaping from the bandits and they did rekindle their relationship. Katya is fiercely protective and VERY proud of her now adult son.

She managed to work her way up in the hierarchy and took over the bar and brothel where she’d previously been employed, making her the richest person in the settlement Bockaby. She also ended up in a strange and passionate relationship with the sheriff who upheld the law. He to had his secrets, but Katya stayed loyal and true to him through all his troubles.

The settlement Bockaby ended up abandoned after an attack by Bloodraiders, cannibals, so Katya had to flee to one of the bigger settlements, The University. Her lover did not come with her, but urged her forcefully to go.

After a year, she returned. Her lover is gone, the place is in ruins and she has to start again. Another group, The Steelravens, has also made their home there. And runs a bar and brothel, competing with Katya's. She ends up being beaten, losing costumers, and has to let the long running bar and brothel die down that she had once helped a friend start up.

Instead, with the help of her clever son Timothey who is now a caravan leader, traveling in between settlements with whatever wares and food they can provide, Katya starts a trading station. A VERY successful one.

And that’s where the LARP this year started. Of course there’s a lot of details of her backstory I have left out, because it’s so long, but that’s pretty much it.

Katya’s trading station has made her the second richest person in the settlement, only beaten by The Steelravens who still run the bar. She sells food (canned food) (very rarely fresh), jewellry, some broken technology from before the bombs, plates and cutlery, mugs, sewing thread (both fine and a bit rougher), and… something very valuable… books. Paper is rare, books even more so. She also have some moonshine she’s made herself.

Her trading station is popular among the people in Bockaby, especially among a couple of newcomers… One of the men among the newcomers keeps coming back to talk to her, until he finally tells her he’s been dreaming about her for quite a while. Big Mac, as his name is, is cute and funny and Katya appreciates his company and advances. Her previous lover has been gone for years, so she has been lonely.

Big Mac also gives her relief from the politics in the settlement.

Katya hates the leader of The Steelravens, who is the strongest group in Bockaby. She thinks he is running the settlement as a dictator. To her surprise though, he comes to her and says that she, as a trader together with him and another leader from another of the strongest groups in the settlement… should start a council for the settlement to run it. She’s surprised, but agrees, putting her personal feelings about the man to the side for the better of Bockaby.

It’s a good thing they do, because a diplomat (as he calls himself) comes visiting from a man called Von Rinj. This Von Rinj plans to start a Republic. He is very wealthy and has bought and runs all the caravans more or less at this point. If Bockaby would refuse to join this Republic, they’d be without provisions of any kind. Not good. Katya remembers her son mentioning Von Rinj in the letters she has received, and asks for time for the council to come to a decision. Katya has had a hard life, and believes nothing comes for free. Which the diplomat claims. He claims Von Rinj is going to help rebuild Bockaby, to bring some glory to the place. For free, as long as Bockaby is a part of the Republic. Katya does not believe him.

They end up getting 3 months to decide. She goes to write letters to her son, Timothey, to find out as much as possible about Von Rinj. (And to congratulate him to his new relationship… with a man. Apparently she has a gay son! YES!)

After some more drama... (Including a ghoul wanting to buy a kid, played by a kid, as a slave… or dinner… she wasn’t clear on that part. And two characters being thrown out of the settlement since they’d murdered a contact to Katya that was coming there with medication against radiation. And a poor sickly character falling in a heap dying...) The LARP ended.

It was a GREAT LARP! Although a bit more slow paced than previous years. Previous years have been A LOT more action packed. And a lot more filled with drama than this year.

I, well Katya, was supposed to flirt with another character, but no matter my advances, it didn’t work. And trust me when I say that Katya as a character when I play her… is EXTREMELY blunt. Comes from her previous occupation as a prostitute. So instead Big Mac came to her rescue. *LOL* He was played by a young and really funny guy! As soon as he noted I had pretty much NO limits to how far below the belt the discussion could go… we dug six feet deeper… X-D GOOD GAWD! He was so funny! And got a big hug afterwards and we had a big laugh together! His fiancee was at the LARP to! But she was busy playing out a love story between her character and another character! They both promised to come back if there’d be another Fallout LARP next year, since they had so much fun!

I keep saying, you want to be hit on by young handsome guys… Start LARPing! X-D

Going to post some photos on Instagram in a bit, I’ll link them below when I have. See all the photos below! :-) I hope there’ll be another one next year! Can’t wait! :-D

Here's all the photos I took from the LARP! ENJOY!!! )

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Let's continue from where we left off, shall we?

After I'd dropped [personal profile] snowstormskies off at the airport, I went straight home. We had dinner, and... we packed.

Because the day after that, we went on a little trip with my brother. To Astrid Lindgrens World. It's a park built around the worlds and characters from the books written by Astrid Lindgren.

We were going together with my brother and his two kids, which had Alexandra totally excited! We'd rented a cabin and my brother brought his caravan. :-D We didn't get access to our spots in the camping ground until after we'd been at the park, but it didn't matter. It was the park we were aiming for, after all. :-D

First day we walked around the most. We aimed to see a few shows/plays they have around the park. It's split up in various areas, each for a book and their characters.

That first day we saw most of the park and the various themed areas. And of course caught a few shows as well.

Thing is, each area has seatings around the main building of the area. And there's shows and an actor playing the character is there during certain times. So we caught a couple of those shows/plays. About 20 mins long each.

We caught Brothers Lionheart, Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson-on-the-roof that first day. It was lovely! The actors were great, and clearly cared about their characters! Even the kid-actors!

But the best part about this park is, I have to say, how damn well made the place is! There was no plastic, no cheating, nothing like that. The whole place is built with pure craftsmanship, and a skilled one at that! If it was a wooden house, it WAS a wooden house built from the ground up, even the miniature once! A stone wall, WAS a damn stone wall even if it might not be a big one, but it was built as if it could have been! There was no cheating going on.

Even in the restaurants and FIKA places, you had real plates, real glasses, real mugs. No paper or plastic. The food, sweets and FIKA-snacks? All produced, baked etc locally. Everything tasted damn homemade, and was DELICIOUS!!!

Price? Not to bad. The entrance fee was the highest, but once you were in there everything but food and souvenirs was for free. And not even the souvenirs were hugely expensive! But those for later. :-)

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselfs. The kids ran around and played and explored everywhere. At Ronia the Robbers area, Matt's Fort, Alexandra fell and scratched the palm of her hand and was very upset. It was just a small scratch, but she did walk around begging for bandaids all day. She get it, and then after a while she pulled it off and wanted a new one... Thank heavens the staff at Astrid Lindgren's World was both kind and patient! :-D

Less than an hour before the park closed, we left and went to get my brothers caravan set up and get to our cabin. Which we did. And the cabin was GREAT! Very beautiful and comfy. And my brother could set his cabel up, so he got electricty in his caravan. :-D All good! And he also invited us over for a mini-barbecue, since he had his mini-grill with him. So we had hotdogs as a late dinner before we all collapsed in our respective beds. :-)

Photos from Day One at Astrid Lindgren's World (multiple on each!): One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

The next day it was RAINING!!! Pouring down when we all woke up. But at the point where we'd emptied our cabin and all kids had eaten, been to the bathroom and you know... all that. It had stopped raining, but the sky was still grey, so we made sure to have the proper equipment with umbrellas for us adults and for the big kids, and Alexandra had rubberboots and half her rainsuit, just the rainpants since she wanted her normal jacket and an umbrella like everyone else. Deal!

Said and done and we went to the park with the goal to see as many shows/plays as we could possibly figure out! The park had an app and, of course, a brochure where all the shows during the day is listed.

We aimed for Matt's Fort, area with Ronia the Robbers Daughter, and to let the kids have fun on the way. But, on the way we stumbled upon Madicken's area as well! So we stopped to check their show before we moved on... And suddenly someone started talking and singing close to us again when we continued! We'd stumbled upon Rasmus and the Tramp as well! *LOL* Amazing! So we watched them as well. :-D

Then, finally, we arrived at Matt's Fort to watch Ronia, her robber father and all his robbers! IT WAS SO GOOD! For those not knowing, Ronia the Robbers daughter is my favorite book! I ADORE IT!!! So to see it on a tiny stage, part of the story, that was AMAZING! So good! Also, they sang the songs from the movie, which I loved, and it was just all around great! The kids loved it to, since the robbers sang good and were some funny characters to. :-D ALL GOOD!

After that we focused on the kids favorites... First off Emil of Lönneberga! So we continued on to that area to watch a show play there. It was great! So funny! And the songs written for that story and movie are so so so good! Probably some of the best written for Astrid Lindgren's stories, to be honest. So that was great! And the kids loved it!

We'd forgotten to eat, so we took a break for food, then we went to watch Pippi Longstocking again, because she's Alexandra's favorite and she's the youngest. ;-) The other two kids loves her to, so that was an easy decision! So went there, the kids played around with a ton of other kids in Pippi's house and then we watched Pippi. Just as good and funny as the day before. Best part was to see how Alexandra got all into it as we watched Pippi. *grin*

Then we had some FIKA, because dads need coffee... *lol* Then we went back to Emil of Lönneberga and watched another play there... Again, very funny and the songs are WONDERFUL!!! Emil is not my favorite of Astrid Lindgren's character, but the songs are some of my favorites. :-D

And then... it was time to leave. In between the shows, the kids walked around and explored. Checked out things. Tried things. And we bought homemade candy. And they just enjoyed being together as cousins. My brotehrs kids, Tilda and Theo are 10 and 8 years old. And Alexandra is just 5 years old. But Tilda and Theo are WONDERFUL with Alexandra, really loves her! Makes sure she's OK, they don't run away from her, they help her climb around in all the fun houses, explore things, explain things to her... It's just... They are just SO GOOD with her! I LOVE seeing it!

Anyway, we finished our day with Alexandra getting a toy there. Since she's learned to use the toilette properly instead of the potty. *lol* Positive reinforsment. ;-) And I figured she'd pick a Pippi doll or an Emil doll, since those are her favorites. But no. OF COURSE she picked a softie toy... a softie horse. Pippi's horse. *SIGH!* We have so many softie-horses at this point... Not surprised though.

And then we packed up, and started our journey home. After about an hour we split up, my brotehr and his kids going one way and we the other for another hour and a half. Then we were home, and all of us collapsed in the bed after getting our bags up to the apartment.

It was a great, great, great trip though! I had SUCH a good time! And us adults decided that we have to do something together next year to, because we all had such a great time. :-D

Photos from Day Two at Astrid Lindgren's World (multiple on nearly each!): One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

And that concludes my vacation adventures! We were supposed to go to the coast to, but the weather there was supposed to suck during the time we were there. And who wants to be at the coast and not be able to swim, eh? So no. We'll do that at another time.

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I saw and meet Tokio Hotel in Stockholm!!!!

Oh my world... Where to even start? X-D

OK. Let's see if we can do this.

I worked Wednesday as usual (including stopping a fight in the library... again... wtf?). Since it hadn't been very fun to take Alexandra to daycare with achy leg and heavy bags, I decided that I'd go by cab the rest of the day. Which I did. From daycare and to work. And during my work-day I ordered a cab to come pick me up to and take me to the train station. Which went very well. :-)

And after a little wait, the train came and I went to Stockholm. Only had to change train once, so not much to tell about the trip itself. I bought first class tickets though, because that means more leg-room and a more calm relaxing setting. :-)

So I had a good trip to Stockholm. Calm, nice and relaxing. And when I got there, I found a cab to take me to the hotel. No issues there either.

And the hotel was absolutely lovely. LOVELY, I tell you! And the bed….. SO SOFT! Bliss!

Anyway, the day of the concert I took the chance to have a lovely sleep in, because I’m a mom and that is rare. Then I had a great hotel breakfast, thank you ever so. Really yummy.

I didn’t want to walk around to much, since I wanted to save my broken achy leg for the concert, but I wanted to buy a gift for Alexandra and one for Peting to, for letting me do this. Well, you get what I mean. ;-)

So I walked up the street next to the hotel, but there was no shops really there. Walking back to the hotel, I asked them about it, and they said if I took the bus to the shopping area right next to the Ericsson Globe, I’d get my fill. So I did. :-)

And bought a crafting kit for Alexandra (which we tried today) and a bobble head Darth Vader for [Bad username or unknown identity: ”peting73”], because he is a SUCKER for anything Star Wars. :-) He is probably the biggest Star Wars nerd I know. :-D

That done, I took the bus back to the hotel and my room. Taking a nap and resting my leg on a bunch of pillows to make sure it got a proper rest in preparation of the concert. :-) Was good I did!

I’d located where the venue was before my nap, and it took about… 5-10 mins to walk there… with my limp, so it was very close to the hotel. :-) I got there around 5pm. I got a VIP Humanoid ticket, and had gotten the information that we’d be let in at 5:30pm. That didn’t happen…

Rumours went around that the boys had been late with the previous VIP people, which in turn made everything late… :-P

So we had to wait nearly an extra hour. Them Tokio Hotel boys are notorious for being late, aren’t they?

Anyway, so we got let in by a guy with a Humanoid sign over his head, and the only ones by the stage are those that had paid more money for a better VIP ticket. Meaning I got VERY close to the stage! YAY!

And then more waiting. We had to wait for 1½ hour there! Standing at about the same spot! o.O Can you IMAGINE how my leg was doing at that point?!?!? I couldn’t feel my toes, put it that way…

But all that was forgotten when the concert started! :-D It was GREAT! Yeah, there were a lot of songs from the Dream Machine album, obviously. And I don’t like that album very much. BUT! There were A LOT of songs from Kings of Suburbia as well, and that just so happens to be my favorite album of theirs! :-D And the Dream Machine songs were far better live, to be honest.

It really was a great concert. The mood in the audience was awesome. Singing along and dancing. Bill did a great job of keeping the mood up in the audience, ‘dancing’ around on the stage and engaging with the audience. So did Tom and Georg, when they were down from that tower-thing they were on.

Gustav was obviously stuck behind his drums, and they were a bit to the right side of the stage. I wouldn’t say he was hidden behind speakers, but it was a bit odd a placement. *shrug* I get what they were trying to do. Change it up on stage. And it did work. I just missed having Gustav in the center… But I’m biased. He IS my favorite after all. :-) And I managed to get a few good shots of him, so there’s that! Especially during the drum-solo he and Tom had, which was AWESOME! So glad I managed to film some of that. It was incredible. And the drumming he did in the beginning. Drummers I tell you… *sigh*

Anyway, after the concert was over, the guy with the Humanoid sign showed up again. We asked how long we had, and he said 15 mins. So I hurried like hell to buy a tour-tshirt for me and a tour-crewneck for [Bad username or unknown identity: ”omgwtfskittles”], since she’d asked me to. Then hurried back just in time.

I figured we’d have to wait somewhere since the Tokio Hotel boys were probably sweaty as hell from the show and needed a drink and yeah… You know? And I was right. We were lead out and to a corner in the stairs, where we had to wait. Gladly I could sit down in the stairs there, because hooo boy… My leg HURT at this point.

And again, waiting… Then we were ushered to another spot, to wait some more. This time right outside a pair of doors. And according to those that had been at the pre show M&G it had been there you got to meet them. I found a folded table to lean on to get some weight off my legs, which helped, and then we waited again.

Eventually we got let into a room, that I think was used as a bar even if it wasn’t right then. There were a little stage there with four chairs and in front of that chairs in rows for us to sit on. We got told our dos and don’ts. We could ask the TH boys anything we wanted, it was up to them if they wanted answer. Just be respectful. (Makes sense.) We were NOT allowed to take photos or film them during the Q&A. I get that. It would be hella annoying for the boys otherwise, I can imagine.

So the questions started to be fired off. I can’t remember all. Some of the fans there were taking notes. One asked about the nakedness and possible vag in one of their new videos, which Bill just said they wanted a lot of naked skin that video. Another asked Gustav how it was to be a father and touring. He answered that it was tough to be away from his little one and to miss her progress and development. Bless him. I totally get you, Gustav.

I got to ask a question to! :-D I asked how they felt about having fans that are so much older then them. Sometimes twice their age. Since I can be quite self conscious about that myself. :-P Bill answered that, and said they loved all their fans (obviously), and that it didn’t matter what age they are. And he said that that is the awesome thing about music. That it connects people regardless of age. Then he asked how old I was to ask such a question. So I said 40 years old. And Bill said that I can’t be 40 years old, since I certainly don’t look it! And the other three agreed with him. Well, I said it was true I am 40 years old and thanked him very much and pretty much died of happiness right there. *LOL*

After that it was time for photographs. So everyone had to stand in line and put their things away in one end of the big room, which we did. Quite a few of the girls went nuts and started fixing with their makeup and what not. I checked mine and made sure I didn’t have lipstick on my teeth, but that was all. After a concert where you sing and dance, you can’t help but be a bit of a mess. ;-)

Then a looooong line formed. Dude. The patience and professionalism of the Tokio Hotel boys is amazing. They looked just as happy with each and every fan that came up to them. And this was not the first VIP M&G thing they’d done. And not the last. After a long concert. Wow.

Eventually though it was mine turn. My goal was to get a hug from Gustav. He’s the drummer and my favorite. I wanted to tell him so, since I know for a fact he doesn’t have a huge amount of fans among the band-fans. First you were getting a selfie and then you got lined up with the boys for a professional photo. It was very quick, since they boys know what they’re doing.

My turn I walked up to them, heart beating. (They’re really real!) Gustav was closest and came over to show where to stand. So I told him. Said he’d been my favorite of the band for years (so very true) and that I thought he was amazing. (Wanted to say more, but nerves and time-restraint!) He gave me one of them WONDERFUL smiles and said thank you very much! It sounded sincere. Before me most girls had wanted selfies with just the twins, so the G’s had to step aside a lot. Or just Bill. And for the professional photo, they wanted to have the twins in the middle to hold on to them. Me? I asked if Gustav and Georg would mind being in the middle and in the selfie with me? Sure! they both said. And Gustav gave me half a hug leading me to the mark on the floor. (DEAD, guys! SO DEAD!!!) Then at first Georg and Gustav didn’t know who would take the selfie (Tom usually does when it’s the whole band or just him and Bill.) After a moment though, Georg took my phone and snapped a selfie with me standing in the middle of my favorite boys! (My heart was probably somewhere on the moon by that point.) Then the twins stepped in to and the professional photo was taken. Me in the middle with Georg on one side and Gustav on the other, hand somewhere near my back as far as I could feel. (Did I mention very dead?) And then the twins on each side of them. After that they thanked me for coming to the concert and I left to the next in line could go.

It was all very fast, but man oh man… GOAL REACHED! It was an awkward half hug, but I HAD GUSTAV SCHÄFARS ARM AROUND ME! That boy got MUSCLE, yo!

My leg was an achey mess as I limped over and got the gift that was included in the Humanoid VIP package. A Dream Machine poster with all them boys signature on. And a scarf that said ‘HIGH AS FUCK’ on it. Apparently that’s something Bill said at some point. I’m a bad fan. I’m not sure when, why or how. It’s a nice quality scarf though! Will be great for winter!

I hung out a bit afterwards, outside the doors, with some other fans. Among other a sweet girl that had kept me company in the line before the concert. It was nice to geek out and squee together with others that would understand, you know? So that was awesome.

Eventually though I came to the conclusion I needed to return to the hotel or I wouldn’t be able to walk at all… And I’d gotten very tired after all that.

So I limped, even slower, back to the hotel. And thanked my lucky stars it was that close. *lol*

And even though I’d taken pain meds and was tired, I was to wired to fall asleep right away. I think I spent an hour or two sitting on Twitter and Instagram, just posting photos and short clips from the concert. Just to wind down. :-) After that though, I was able to fall asleep.

Next day I had a lovely morning, just taking it easy in the hotel having breakfast and packing. Didn’t stress even a little bit. :-) I’d ordered a cab in plenty of time, so when I’d gotten to Stockholm Central Station I still had to wait nearly an hour for the train. Which was nice, actually. I like being on train stations.

So yeah, that was my trip to Stockholm and seeing Tokio Hotel live and meeting them. :-D

Here’s the selfie with Georg and Gustav:

Happy me with G's! )

And here’s the professional photo that was taken:

Happy me with ALL Tokio Hotel boys! )

I actually think I look sorta nice in them! The boys look perfect as always, but no surprise there!

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Note: This post was written a few weeks ago, but I didn't get the photos uploaded until now...

And then there was the visit from New York. I still have a hard time believing they’ve really been here! o.O

I was a bit panicked before they came here, since I was supposed to work both days they were here, Friday and Saturday. Friday was no problem to take off, but the three hours for Saturday was a bit worse. Eventually we found someone that could help out, thank gawd… So I was off and available for both days! WOHOO!!

And I was SO NERVOUS! I mean, I’ve known [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni almost since I started to use my LJ, and man… that is a LONG TIME AGO! I didn’t remember how we’d meet, but Ruchi did, so she told me. :-) Apparently she’d ended up in an idiotic drama in a Xena community and I’d stood up for her and also gone to her LJ to say hi. Eventually we ended up friending each other and that’s how the story goes. I don’t remember this, but I’ll take her word for it. ;-)

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni is a vegetarian, so the Friday she and her best friend was to arrive, me and Alexandra started with a slow morning and then we went grocery shopping for vegetarian food. Once that was done, we went to the train station to pick them up.

See, they’d explored Sweden quite a bit before arriving to me. They’d been in Stockholm, the island Utö, Gothenburg and then me. For a history geek Stockholm is perfect. There are SO MANY museums there! You can learn quite a bit of swedish history in Stockholm alone.

Then they’d been to Utö which is a gorgeous island in Stockholms archipelago. And then they’d been to Gothenburg, which is the neighbouring city to Borås. So it was a short trip to Borås. And me. :-D

I was so nervous while we shopped me and Alexandra I had a belly ache. X-D Stupid, really. Like [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni says, we’ve known each other so crazy long we shouldn’t be nervous about meeting!

Alexandra thought it was fun to be at the train station and just wanted to go on the trains! Eventually they showed up though, and I gave [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni a great big hug. And it felt JUST RIGHT! Nerves just flew off of me.

And Alexandra started whining right away. Great… Figuring she was hungry we went home to my apartment first, where I cooked Alexandra food (definitely hungry at that point…) and [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni could explore my little home and I could get the groceries away. And we talked. Talked and talked and talked. Sara, [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni’s friend was very nice and waxed poetically about the swedish coffee!

We had a lovely time watching Disney Junior with Alexandra and making sure she got some food in her (and feeding Sara a swedish meatball).

Done with Disney and food, we went to the hotel where [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sara were staying, and Alexandra fell asleep and took a nap. GOOD!

Then we figured we could go downtown for a FIKA! Which we did, even going to mine and Alexandra’s favorite fika-place. You think Alexandra behaved? Alas no. She was IN A CRANKY MOOD! And was going to make sure everyone knew about it.

Cranky Alexandra is cranky... )

I’d thought we’d go exploring the Textile Museum after our fika, but Alexandra was having none of it. At that point, [livejournal.com profile] peting73 was off from work and halfway home, so we went to pick him up and dumped Alexandra on him. (Sorry dear!)

Finally we could go to the Textile Museum, which was great! Even if we could only stay for a short time, since they were closing and all that, we still made the most of it. They have old clothes in a part of the museum that you can try on, which had [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sara go a bit nuts! Pulling me into the crazy we had a bit of a dress up session. *lol* Was a lot of fun! The exhibit they had going of a famous swedish designer was nice to, so I’d call that a successful visit.

Being silly in the Textile Museum! )

I think it was on the way back to the car that we checked out the University Library which is right next to the museum. [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni loved it and wondered loudly why they didn’t have libraries this nice at the universities in New York? Uhu… I wouldn’t know. X-D I thought New York University was a good one? *lol* And hey, you got New York City Library which is out of this world if I’ve done my research right. ;-)

Interior of the University Library in town )

Then we went home to my home again for dinner, which [livejournal.com profile] peting73 had cooked and it was DELICIOUS! Such a nice vegetarian stew! Alexandra was cranky again though (sigh) so she got the leftover meatballs from lunch.

The rest of the afternoon evening was spent talking. Talking, talking, talking. Both me and [livejournal.com profile] peting73 are some serious history nerds, movie nerds and book nerds, so the swedish part of those subjects were definitely covered. (I’m still amazed how little you learn in the US about WWI and WWII…) Alexandra eventually went to bed, and we made MUDCAKE! And had an evening FIKA! (You can never have too much fika…)

New Yorkers in my couch! )

At one point during our discussions we discovered it was 1am in the morning! O.o OOPS! So I drove [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sara to the hotel making a plan for the morning.

And that concludes day 1!

Next morning we took a slow morning for Alexandra’s sake, but we still managed to head out at around 10am. First stop was the big city library where I used to work. Again, [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni waxed poetically about how nice it was. *lol* I loved seeing her walking around in the library among all the books. If ever there was a book nerd, it’s her. For serious. *grin*

Alexandra loves the library, so she was (for once!) in a good mood in the kid section checking out all the picture books. We found the book I bought for my brothers kids, the POP BOOK! X-D So I had a little story time there for Sara and [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni. It’s a kid book and kids LOVE to talk about pop! X-D

Exploring the city library and being booknerds of all sizes! )

After that visit we got in our little car and drove to my brothers. Which takes 1½ hours. And it’s a bit cramped in the car… But we made do, and we had some lovely discussions in the car to which made the car-ride feel shorter.

Once at my brothers, we found that he was enjoying the sun on the backside of his house, listening to music after he’d baked a cake. A MUDCAKE OF COURSE! This seems to be a running theme during their visit… I have to send them the recipe… *lol*

And as soon as [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sarah saw the cows grazing on the fields around my brother’s house, they got all excited and got in the field (past the barbed wire) to say hi to the cows. My brother, who works on a farm on a daily basis was a bit flabbergasted at this, but went with it. So we showed them a good way to get to the cows and my brother started talking swedish farming with [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sara since [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni is a vegetarian, so she was really interested. Swedish farmers have a TON of rules they have to follow, more so than many other countries apparently, which she found very interesting. :-)

Also, my brother had been an idiot and [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni went into Doc-mood and checked his eye since it was hurting him and got quite red and irritated. If you are doing any welding, people. Use protection. And don’t do like my brother who just closed his eyes. IDIOT!

After we’d eaten mudcake and said hi to cows and tried to get Alexandra to eat anything (impossible since she was still grumpy), we left my brothers and went to moms instead. My brother came with in his big huge car, a Ford Galaxy from the 1960’s, which [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sara rode in with him. On the way to mom’s we saw some elks/moose which got the New Yorkers all excited.

New Yorkers on the swedish countryside! )

At mom’s, Alexandra perked up a bit. She’d had a nap in the car, and hey… Grandma is always popular. :-)

More vegetarian food at mom’s, she’d made a full on dinner with some vegetarian beefs she’d found. ‘It looked interesting, I had to try!’ was mom’s reasoning behind picking that. They were made out of quorn and DAMN they were tasty! Even Alexandra ate quite a bit! So we were all stuffed after that dinner!

After that we walked around and explored my mom’s yard and grounds. The garage which still looks like when my dad lived. The playhouse dad built for use when where kids from scratch. The view. The woods where we used to play. Our neighbours, closest one where the daughter in the house was the one who started off my bullying. Basically I told and showed all the things that had meant something to me when I grew up. Mom walked around with us as well, and even though she’s not that good in english (she understands it well, but can’t speak it), she managed to throw in a small comment here and there anyway.

Since it started to rain when we’d walked around for a bit, we went inside again looking at all of mom’s pretty things (she likes to collect pretty things and decorate her home). Checking out where my room used to be and all that stuff while mom prepared a…. FIKA! :-D We also took the chance to say hello to all of mom’s four cats, including HUGE Ozzy that [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni fell in love with, I think… He’s a Maine Coon… and a BIG one! Currently weighing around 11-12 kilos, and he’s not fully grown yet… Insane!

Then we had FIKA downstairs. And talked. And talked and talked and talked. :-D Both mom and I agreed and told [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni she would be a WONDERFUL doctor one day, since she got her heart right where it should be. Mom should know. She’s 62 and has worked as an assistant nurse ever since she started working.

Alexandra just played with mine and brothers old toys while we were talking that mom has pulled down from the attic. We didn’t even notice how the time flew until it was 9pm or so in the evening, and we had a 2 hour drive to get back to Borås.

At my mothers to see where I grew up! And to be spoiled... )

While driving we continued talking and talking and talking… So the ride back to Borås didn’t feel that long as it usually does. We also made a plan for the next day so I could drive them to the airport. I insisted. It’s only a 30-40 min drive, so why shouldn’t I? And their flight didn’t leave until midday, so it was no problem really.

Dropping [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sarah off at their hotel we then drove home and once we’d gotten Alexandra to sleep in her bed instead of the car, we both collapsed in our bed.

Next morning was good and nice (with a kiddo not to cranky, wohoo!). Once I was ready I went to pick up [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni and Sarah so we’d be at the airport at a good time before their plane left. Once at the airport we had a FIKA, of course. ;-) And talked some more. During the whole weekend I felt quite comfortable talking to [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni friend Sarah, since I’ve learned so much about her from [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni’s entries. And apparently [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni had talked to Sarah a lot about me to, so it went both ways. (It appeared as if it was only good things to! I hope at least…)

As it got closer to them leaving, we hugged a lot. Both me and [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni assured each other that we were very happy about finally getting to meet. And that YES! Apparently I was just what [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni had expected. And [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni? Well… She was just what I had expected. Just a 1000 times more so! :-) Such an awesome woman. Whoever ends up with her as a psychiatric doctor is going to be really fucking lucky! :-D

Once I’d dropped them off, I felt empty and sad. Already missing them. We talked and laughed so much my jaw was a bit sore. :-)

Such amazing women. Just… amazing. It still blows my mind that she’s been here. It really does. All the way from Brooklyn, New York City, USA to little Borås, Sweden. Amazing.

So happy to be able to call you a dear friend, [livejournal.com profile] ruchirahni.

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I am determined to finish this meme, even if I am beyond late by now. I don't know, maybe someone will find it amusing to read?

Might add work is being as chaotic as ever and I'm stressing out like fuck about the anti-bullying project I run. :-P At least I've hired a lecturer now. So I take that as progress. And she seems really really nice. Very professional for her age. (Malin Engelbrektsson for those swedes interested.) Currently I'm mostly panicky about the fact that I'M supposed to go out and talk to the kids in class about MY experiences being a bullied kid growing up. And I want to! I really really do... But how the hell do you even start such a class? *shakes head* I'll figure it out eventually, I'm just stressing out at the moment. :-P

Also, getting back to posting on LJ. Yay? :-P

Right, let's finish this thing! Two for now!

DAY EIGHT: a photo of you taken recently

Here's me when I was working this summer, so I guess it's one of the most resent full figure photos of me. Excuse the crappy selfie and all, but yeah:

(Click for bigger.)

And this is also me, when being crazy while hanging with my young LARP-friends:

(Click for bigger.)

I hope that was for everyones satisfaction? :-)

DAY NINE: list some of your favorite websites

Livejournal (obviously), Bloglovin (where I keep track of other blogs), Bookcrossing, Tweetdeck (where I use Twitter), Sweden By Night (our LARP-site), Instagram, Plurk, Goodreads, Insanejournal (where I do RP), Tradera (where I shop used and/or new stuff and sell the same, works like Ebay), Dreamwidth (out of necessity), TokioHotelFiction.Com (for my pervy needs)...

All the days!  )

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