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kseenaa: (Me Creepy KSena)

KSena's Journal

A look inside my mind...

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Created on 2012-10-28 21:06:42 (#1765793), last updated 2017-09-09 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:Jul 19

Just your everyday swedish woman with extra geekyness. Working as a schoollibrarian at a huge school with a lot of troubled kids. And taking care of mine and [ profile] peting73s home, not to mention our 2 year old daughter Alexandra aka [ profile] mini_viking. We also live with our two darling cats Skuld and Verdandi. We have [ profile] peting73s family close, and mine 2 hour drive away, and we visit them all often. We are both World of Warcraft geeks and vampire-LARP geeks as well.

Me, I am a fan of Tokio Hotel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buffy: The VampireSlayer, Xena: The WarriorPrincess and Robin of Sherwood. I also have a hate-relationship to Twilight and love bashing the hell out of those books, not to mention 50 Shades of Grey that I hate even more. Be warned.

I am an LJ-o-holic to, of course, and you can expect me to ramble about all off the above, my life and more here. :-) And what I post to LJ I crosspost here to DW. This is my mind, after all.... ;-) My friending policy is very very simple. You want to friend me and read my everyday ramble, you can go right ahead and do so. It is a free for all here and I don't lock anything down, just be respectful to others. You wanna de-friend me? That is fine to, I don't mind at all. :-)


Credit for my icons are were they should be, at my icons-list. If you wanna snagg from there, you can. BUT! Remember to give credit to the maker when you use it yourself! If no maker is given, I simply don't know who made that icon.

The Game of Thrones moodtheme I use nowadays is made by LJ user Magicallaw. All credit to her.

All graphics in the profile layout is made by [ profile] gawariel from the layout community [ profile] gawariel_design. Except the interest's icons down below that are made by [ profile] subvocaledfrom the community [ profile] hauntedways.

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