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Oh hum... I just finished off my rewatch of Game of Thrones. And my goodness, this show. I just can't even. It's so amazing. I've changed favorite characters more than once, even if one of them is quite constant. And I keep nagging on one, because FUCK HE IS SO DULL!!! Anyhow, I can't wait to see the beginning of season 7 tomorrow after work!

Yes, tomorrow I start work again. I've been on my summer vacation for four weeks now, and it's been great. It really has. On one hand it'll be good going back to work. On the other hand I wouldn't mind staying home more. Peting is staying home for three more weeks (envy!) so at least I don't have to concern myself with daycare and such things... Lazier mornings. Yes please!

I've packed everything tonight, so I should be good tomorrow. I also have the car, so that would make my morning even lazier. YAY!

Not much else to tell really. These last days before going back to work we took one day where we went to Borås Zoo for full day. And we ate out twice that day to, both lunch and dinner. Which was really great! Not sure what it is with that zoo though... but I think they're doing something right, because those animals spurt babies EVERYWHERE! X-D Even the orangutans that are supposedly really hard to breed have two babies, I think? Good match there, I'd say! *lol*

The other two days, Saturday and Sunday, we just stayed at home being lazy. Which was pretty much what I wanted. I took the time to clear out a bit of stuff to give to charity. And also I got a TON of stuff up on Tradera (swedish Ebay) so I hope I'll make some money on that. Mostly kid-clothes.

The stuff to charity is in the trunk in the car, so I'll be dropping that off tomorrow. And shop a bit for the post-apocalyptic LARP that is going to take place in two weeks. I need weird stuff that I can sell in the store my character will run. ;-)

The vampire-LARP however is on hiatus. Since there'll be a restart with it, and I wasn't to keen on joining in. Peting talked me into it though with a really cool character idea, so... we just might see what will happen there. :-)

So I'm moderately busy. It'll be worse soon, I'm sure. *LOL* At least there won't be any kids in the school for quite a couple of weeks yet. BLISS!!! ;-D

My mother is doing fairly well. She cries sometimes over Ozzy, of course. But she is doing quite well, and is doing her exercise for her arm. So I'm positive she'll recover on both accounts.

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I don’t even know where to start. Safe to say… It’s the end of this school term. So everything is just… Insane! Meaning I’m constantly stressed the hell out. :-/

Had a meeting with my boss not that long ago, and I told her it doesn’t feel like I’m doing a good job this school term. Feels like I’m constantly failing. I want to do so much… But I feel as if I’m not enough. That I’d be able to do so much more if only…. :-P

My boss, bless her, bascilly told me I’m idiot but in much nicer terms when she came to visit me. I think she noticed that I’d probably had had it by now.

And I have. Because end of school term does not mean less work for me. Oh no! Then it’s time for…

The summer reading program!!!!

*dies* *SIGH* And in my school and the schools around here it’s called The Summerbookclub! Meaning, the kids have to read six books, report them in in a special folder, and when the school starts again after summer, they get a little FIKA party with something sweet to eat and a gift (usually book or something book-related).

All well and good. It’s just that all of that needs to be prepared. The folders need to be ordered. All of that. Preferabley some time ahead. That hasn’t happened this year. This year everything is planned and ordred with VERY little time to spare. No time to spare, to be honest. :-P

And it pisses me the fuck off. I don’t feel that good when such things happen. I need things to be preplanned before hand. So I know I have what I need before I present the whole thing for the kids at the school. This? Is to freaking stressful.

And it’s all well and good on my colleagues schools. They only have kids from the age if six to the age of twelve. I have about twice the amount of kids/teens at my school and they run from the age of six to the age of 15… A WEEE bit of difference there. :-P

Ugh. :-P

Anyone tells me it is a relaxed job to work as a school-librarian I’m going to punch in the face!

And to top it off, I found out about the bomb at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK. WTH?!?!?! I just… I got no words for that.

So if you follow me elsewhere, you have to excuse my low mood these days. Work and world, I tell you…

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Work is really taking up all the energy I have, no joke.

And apparently I got a second job. Of sorts, anyway. I've ended up talking on the local Radio during the Panel of Culture. Where we discuss various cultural things live on the air. Can get really interesting sometimes when I don't know anything about the subject even if I do read up on it online. So it's fun, it's interesting... AND I get paid! :-D Win-win!

At work it's... well, it is what it is. It's not silent, that's for sure. The loud teens make my head SO TIRED! So it's not unusual that I yawn or zoon out a bit during the day, because MAN! And let's not even starting on the list off names I'm being called on a daily basis. Siriously. These teens claim they need to have RESPECT! Well, you act like this, you don't desrve respect dammit!

I will admit though that after refurnishing the library things have calmed down considerably. It really has. So even though it's not quite or calm as in other libraries, I'd still call that a success. :-)

A less successful thing is the mornings I keep having with Alexandra, my dear daughter of mine. She's turning five in August. So she's in this period of wanting to do everything herself, and... that doesn't always work out so great. So to say she is SLOOOOOOW in the mornings is an understatement. Now I've even started to wake her just a lil earlier to give us more time, and it STILL takes us more than half an hour sometimes.

And what with the changes to the bus traffic, this makes me late to work. Nearly every single day. I am just SO FRUSTRATED with her right now! Especially her socks. OMG! She can poke around and pull around with them for SO LONG, it makes me want to tear hairs out of my scalp!

So there's that... :-P

I'd slacked a bit on the LARP front lately, even though I have picked it up again after being away for so long what with my broken leg. I do follow one of my LARP-friends on Tumblr though (he is doing AMAZING cosplay!), and I get notifications for his posts on my phone. Got one of them one day and lo and behold. It's a piece of art. A portrait of three vampire ladies. That I know very well, because it's three characters a friend of mine played/plays and I've been LARPing with her since 2001... Two of her previous characters and the current one.

And that piece of art is AMAZING! It's drawn/painted by another young LARP friend of mine, and I knew she was good... Now I know she's very VERY good! And I feel tempted to ask her to draw my current character to, because holy hell! She's amazing!

Originally posted HERE!

Can see why I want her to do my character to, don't you? :-D So tempted... You have to go check out the rest of her stuff! She is REALLY REALLY GOOD! I even signed up to be her patreon! (I wonder if she knows that nickname is me...)

I'm glad I've gotten my creative juices flowing with the LARP again though. It IS a beloved hobby of mine, and I won't stop any time soon. :-) On Saturday night it's my turn again, which will be awesome! But the best part for a working mom though is... I get TWO SLEEP IN'S!!! Oh, bliss... I can't wait. :-D

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Where to start?

Let's start with my leg, shall we? Monday last week I let go of my crutches. Which is both scary and great. My lower leg / foot is weak still, but it works. So long as I don't overexert myself, I'm pain free. Sometimes I'm a bit uncomfortable, but it works well. I limp though, and since my entire body is somewhat crooked, so that makes sure my back and hip hurts if I walk around to long. So it's good that I work as a librarian, isn't it?

I do go to physical therapy twice a week and I do have a few exercises at home to.

So it's going well! Very very slowly, but it goes well! :-) So that's all good!

Work though, that's less than good. I am SO FRUSTRATED!!! *screams!*

While my substitute was there, the worst hooligans of the school decided to use him as their squeaky toy basically. They came into the library every day and fucked with him. And he has no authority around him at all, as you can see if you read my previous posts. So they bulldozed right over him. And he couldn't keep the library open pretty much.

Anyhow... Now these hooligans and their friends/hangarounds have gotten the habit off always sit in the library. *HEAVY SIGH* Which in turn makes sure the teens/tweens that DO wanna borrow books... Don't dare to come to the library. Which also means, even though I do get deliveries of books I've ordered, and still do order books.... No one borrows them.

If that is not depressing and frustrating, I don't know what is. And it doesn't matter what I say or do, I can't get rid of them.

So now, on Monday, I'll refurnish the library with the help of some other librarians, to make sure that I have 100% view of all couches. Because the big couch I have in a corner (next to the picture books for little kids) is the most popular one. It stands a bit off to the side, and hence they get some privacy to create chaos. *HEAVY SIGH... AGAIN*

So work is less than fun right now.

Which, in turn, makes sure that the trip I'm making right after work, oh so much more exciting! :-D

I'm going to Stockholm on Wednesday, right after work. And then on Thursday I'll see Tokio Hotel live! :-D I am so excited! Even though I don't like their new album much, their previous one I love! And there's quite a few songs from that album on the setlist to, I've seen. So I am VERY excited! :-D

The fact I have a VIP ticket does help, of course. ;-) I mean, I've followed these boys for 8 years (!). It it time. Really. *lol*

Anyway, so what the ticket says I'll be getting is (I have a Humanoid one, for those who want to know):

  • Treehouse Concierge Service

  • exclusive VIP pass

  • preferred entry

  • Q&A session post-show - meet the band after the show and get all your questions answered

  • take a selfie with the band

  • have a professional photo taken with the band

  • get a limited edition poster signed by each band member

  • receive a special designed gift item as a surprise

  • be part of Tokio Hotel TV and film the ending card of new episodes together with the band

  • crowd free Merchandise shopping 10% off

If I'm nervous? Really fucking nervous! o.O Excited and nervous!

I mean, I'll get a chance to ask them a question for them to answer during the Q&A. And I have no idea what the hell to ask... And I'll probably be the oldest one there. :-P Maybe ask something about that? Their older fans? I don't know...

Also, the fact I'll actually be standing right next to them is just too mind blowing right now, I try not to think about it. More than in the fact I'll make damn sure I got the G's in the middle and NOT the twins! G's girl, that's me!

(This post was written yesterday, and posted today.)

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So... The issue with my substitute continues...

I hope I got to a bit of a solution to the issue though. It was teachers study day today, so no kids/teens at the school really. Which made sure we could have a bit of a talk. I told him how shocked I was about him answering the teens that he'd be happy to be out of there, as I wrote yesterday. And he hadn't seen it as a bad thing since he'd been talking to those girls before (those are some of the good girls, loud but good).

As most of you would know I am VERY blunt, honest and straight to the point. Not unkindly though. I kept checking with him that he was OK, and all that. So it was a good talk. And I'm sure there'll be more of them. He confessed he was afraid going to work while working at this school. He doesn't feel safe there. And can't stop thinking about our hooligans aka jewels when at home, afraid of what they'll do when he gets there the next day.

Dear boy. You have to stop doing that. Seriously. That is not going to work in the long run. He's just 26, I found out today. But he admitted he was totally unprepared to work a full time job. He's just been hired by the hour before this, mostly at the big city library. And there you do one thing at a time. Either you are at the information desk OR you shelf books. One or the other. So hence he couldn't wrap his mind around doing both AND have kids/teens in the library at the same time.

He is a nice guy. Just VERY inexperienced, young and unsure of himself. Working my job? With the issues there, our 'jewels' aka hooligans and that troubled area? NOT a good fit for him. He's not been doing good mentally, he confessed.

So even though I'm still annoyed at the state of the library, since he hasn't shelfed much or kept much of any order in the bookshelfs... I do feel a bit sorry for him. He needs to grow up. (Also, since he doesn't know the alphabet that well what with being dyslexic he made a cheat-sheet... of the alphabet...)

A teen, yesterday, ex-hooling who actually takes care of his grades and stuff these days, he gave me an applaud when I threw one of the hooligans out (while limping, mind) and said happily "So glad to have a librarian with balls back!" Uhu... Thanks? X-D *mildly amused* But it does give an idea how the teens have felt about my substitute, doesn't it? :-P


Next week I'll work four hours a day, and we'll touch base on what classes he's been at and what he's done with them. And he wanted to see a bit how I worked, so he'll learn. (Good on him for even asking that! Gives me hope!) So that'll be interesting. :-) And after that... Full time and I'm back full blast, kicking the ASS of any hooligan giving troubles in the library! Literary! With a limp! X-D

Lastly I want to share this. Because it made me smile. Also, Jon Stewart is THE GREATEST! And I wish he'd not retired. I've watched this twice.

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