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Let’s start with Alexandra's knee, shall we?

Adventures in swedish healthcare to find out what's wrong with kiddo's knee... )

Me turning 40 and kiddo turning 5 means A HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! )

Work, work... and Alexandras dream coming true! )

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Let's continue from where we left off, shall we?

After I'd dropped [personal profile] snowstormskies off at the airport, I went straight home. We had dinner, and... we packed.

Because the day after that, we went on a little trip with my brother. To Astrid Lindgrens World. It's a park built around the worlds and characters from the books written by Astrid Lindgren.

We were going together with my brother and his two kids, which had Alexandra totally excited! We'd rented a cabin and my brother brought his caravan. :-D We didn't get access to our spots in the camping ground until after we'd been at the park, but it didn't matter. It was the park we were aiming for, after all. :-D

First day we walked around the most. We aimed to see a few shows/plays they have around the park. It's split up in various areas, each for a book and their characters.

That first day we saw most of the park and the various themed areas. And of course caught a few shows as well.

Thing is, each area has seatings around the main building of the area. And there's shows and an actor playing the character is there during certain times. So we caught a couple of those shows/plays. About 20 mins long each.

We caught Brothers Lionheart, Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson-on-the-roof that first day. It was lovely! The actors were great, and clearly cared about their characters! Even the kid-actors!

But the best part about this park is, I have to say, how damn well made the place is! There was no plastic, no cheating, nothing like that. The whole place is built with pure craftsmanship, and a skilled one at that! If it was a wooden house, it WAS a wooden house built from the ground up, even the miniature once! A stone wall, WAS a damn stone wall even if it might not be a big one, but it was built as if it could have been! There was no cheating going on.

Even in the restaurants and FIKA places, you had real plates, real glasses, real mugs. No paper or plastic. The food, sweets and FIKA-snacks? All produced, baked etc locally. Everything tasted damn homemade, and was DELICIOUS!!!

Price? Not to bad. The entrance fee was the highest, but once you were in there everything but food and souvenirs was for free. And not even the souvenirs were hugely expensive! But those for later. :-)

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselfs. The kids ran around and played and explored everywhere. At Ronia the Robbers area, Matt's Fort, Alexandra fell and scratched the palm of her hand and was very upset. It was just a small scratch, but she did walk around begging for bandaids all day. She get it, and then after a while she pulled it off and wanted a new one... Thank heavens the staff at Astrid Lindgren's World was both kind and patient! :-D

Less than an hour before the park closed, we left and went to get my brothers caravan set up and get to our cabin. Which we did. And the cabin was GREAT! Very beautiful and comfy. And my brother could set his cabel up, so he got electricty in his caravan. :-D All good! And he also invited us over for a mini-barbecue, since he had his mini-grill with him. So we had hotdogs as a late dinner before we all collapsed in our respective beds. :-)

Photos from Day One at Astrid Lindgren's World (multiple on each!): One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

The next day it was RAINING!!! Pouring down when we all woke up. But at the point where we'd emptied our cabin and all kids had eaten, been to the bathroom and you know... all that. It had stopped raining, but the sky was still grey, so we made sure to have the proper equipment with umbrellas for us adults and for the big kids, and Alexandra had rubberboots and half her rainsuit, just the rainpants since she wanted her normal jacket and an umbrella like everyone else. Deal!

Said and done and we went to the park with the goal to see as many shows/plays as we could possibly figure out! The park had an app and, of course, a brochure where all the shows during the day is listed.

We aimed for Matt's Fort, area with Ronia the Robbers Daughter, and to let the kids have fun on the way. But, on the way we stumbled upon Madicken's area as well! So we stopped to check their show before we moved on... And suddenly someone started talking and singing close to us again when we continued! We'd stumbled upon Rasmus and the Tramp as well! *LOL* Amazing! So we watched them as well. :-D

Then, finally, we arrived at Matt's Fort to watch Ronia, her robber father and all his robbers! IT WAS SO GOOD! For those not knowing, Ronia the Robbers daughter is my favorite book! I ADORE IT!!! So to see it on a tiny stage, part of the story, that was AMAZING! So good! Also, they sang the songs from the movie, which I loved, and it was just all around great! The kids loved it to, since the robbers sang good and were some funny characters to. :-D ALL GOOD!

After that we focused on the kids favorites... First off Emil of Lönneberga! So we continued on to that area to watch a show play there. It was great! So funny! And the songs written for that story and movie are so so so good! Probably some of the best written for Astrid Lindgren's stories, to be honest. So that was great! And the kids loved it!

We'd forgotten to eat, so we took a break for food, then we went to watch Pippi Longstocking again, because she's Alexandra's favorite and she's the youngest. ;-) The other two kids loves her to, so that was an easy decision! So went there, the kids played around with a ton of other kids in Pippi's house and then we watched Pippi. Just as good and funny as the day before. Best part was to see how Alexandra got all into it as we watched Pippi. *grin*

Then we had some FIKA, because dads need coffee... *lol* Then we went back to Emil of Lönneberga and watched another play there... Again, very funny and the songs are WONDERFUL!!! Emil is not my favorite of Astrid Lindgren's character, but the songs are some of my favorites. :-D

And then... it was time to leave. In between the shows, the kids walked around and explored. Checked out things. Tried things. And we bought homemade candy. And they just enjoyed being together as cousins. My brotehrs kids, Tilda and Theo are 10 and 8 years old. And Alexandra is just 5 years old. But Tilda and Theo are WONDERFUL with Alexandra, really loves her! Makes sure she's OK, they don't run away from her, they help her climb around in all the fun houses, explore things, explain things to her... It's just... They are just SO GOOD with her! I LOVE seeing it!

Anyway, we finished our day with Alexandra getting a toy there. Since she's learned to use the toilette properly instead of the potty. *lol* Positive reinforsment. ;-) And I figured she'd pick a Pippi doll or an Emil doll, since those are her favorites. But no. OF COURSE she picked a softie toy... a softie horse. Pippi's horse. *SIGH!* We have so many softie-horses at this point... Not surprised though.

And then we packed up, and started our journey home. After about an hour we split up, my brotehr and his kids going one way and we the other for another hour and a half. Then we were home, and all of us collapsed in the bed after getting our bags up to the apartment.

It was a great, great, great trip though! I had SUCH a good time! And us adults decided that we have to do something together next year to, because we all had such a great time. :-D

Photos from Day Two at Astrid Lindgren's World (multiple on nearly each!): One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

And that concludes my vacation adventures! We were supposed to go to the coast to, but the weather there was supposed to suck during the time we were there. And who wants to be at the coast and not be able to swim, eh? So no. We'll do that at another time.

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Where to start?

Let's start with my leg, shall we? Monday last week I let go of my crutches. Which is both scary and great. My lower leg / foot is weak still, but it works. So long as I don't overexert myself, I'm pain free. Sometimes I'm a bit uncomfortable, but it works well. I limp though, and since my entire body is somewhat crooked, so that makes sure my back and hip hurts if I walk around to long. So it's good that I work as a librarian, isn't it?

I do go to physical therapy twice a week and I do have a few exercises at home to.

So it's going well! Very very slowly, but it goes well! :-) So that's all good!

Work though, that's less than good. I am SO FRUSTRATED!!! *screams!*

While my substitute was there, the worst hooligans of the school decided to use him as their squeaky toy basically. They came into the library every day and fucked with him. And he has no authority around him at all, as you can see if you read my previous posts. So they bulldozed right over him. And he couldn't keep the library open pretty much.

Anyhow... Now these hooligans and their friends/hangarounds have gotten the habit off always sit in the library. *HEAVY SIGH* Which in turn makes sure the teens/tweens that DO wanna borrow books... Don't dare to come to the library. Which also means, even though I do get deliveries of books I've ordered, and still do order books.... No one borrows them.

If that is not depressing and frustrating, I don't know what is. And it doesn't matter what I say or do, I can't get rid of them.

So now, on Monday, I'll refurnish the library with the help of some other librarians, to make sure that I have 100% view of all couches. Because the big couch I have in a corner (next to the picture books for little kids) is the most popular one. It stands a bit off to the side, and hence they get some privacy to create chaos. *HEAVY SIGH... AGAIN*

So work is less than fun right now.

Which, in turn, makes sure that the trip I'm making right after work, oh so much more exciting! :-D

I'm going to Stockholm on Wednesday, right after work. And then on Thursday I'll see Tokio Hotel live! :-D I am so excited! Even though I don't like their new album much, their previous one I love! And there's quite a few songs from that album on the setlist to, I've seen. So I am VERY excited! :-D

The fact I have a VIP ticket does help, of course. ;-) I mean, I've followed these boys for 8 years (!). It it time. Really. *lol*

Anyway, so what the ticket says I'll be getting is (I have a Humanoid one, for those who want to know):

  • Treehouse Concierge Service

  • exclusive VIP pass

  • preferred entry

  • Q&A session post-show - meet the band after the show and get all your questions answered

  • take a selfie with the band

  • have a professional photo taken with the band

  • get a limited edition poster signed by each band member

  • receive a special designed gift item as a surprise

  • be part of Tokio Hotel TV and film the ending card of new episodes together with the band

  • crowd free Merchandise shopping 10% off

If I'm nervous? Really fucking nervous! o.O Excited and nervous!

I mean, I'll get a chance to ask them a question for them to answer during the Q&A. And I have no idea what the hell to ask... And I'll probably be the oldest one there. :-P Maybe ask something about that? Their older fans? I don't know...

Also, the fact I'll actually be standing right next to them is just too mind blowing right now, I try not to think about it. More than in the fact I'll make damn sure I got the G's in the middle and NOT the twins! G's girl, that's me!

(This post was written yesterday, and posted today.)

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So... Last stop on my busy summer story... If that is even a word.

And before this event, I had started work. And dude. STRESSFUL!!! I'll get to that shortly, but important to know is that I was stressed out as hell. Don't think I've ever been this stressed out.

Anyway, so with that in mind... of course the giftcard I'd ordered from IKEA (which the brides wanted), was late. Very stressful. And I just about managed to get time off to go to the wedding. More stressful.

In other words, it didn't look like I'd end up enjoying my trip. Luckily, that was wrong. I had a LOVELY time!

The two brides are my long time friends [livejournal.com profile] silvestris and [livejournal.com profile] chigrima. None of them very active on LJ anymore, but it's their fault I have one! It all started here and on [livejournal.com profile] silvestris's website! She's an amazing artist, and that's why they hung out online talking. :-)

And, not to forget, [livejournal.com profile] chigrima and I wrote our masters thesis together.

I swear, I would never have managed to get a masters degree if it wasn't for her. And I told her as much in the speech I held. [livejournal.com profile] chigrima is the most academic person I know. For serious. (Her brother and sister agreed with me on that, as it turned out, since they pointed it out in their speeches to! X-D)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. :-)

My wonderful wonderful best friend [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit was also invited. And since she lives quite close by, we borrowed mom's BIG car (a Volvo V70, they're huge) and took the ferry over to the island Gotland where [livejournal.com profile] silvestris and [livejournal.com profile] chigrima lives. Unfortunately that meant we had to leave Borås at 5am in the morning, so I got up at 4am... Less fun, but we managed.

There's one bigger city on Gotland only, Visby. Where the big Medieval Week is heald in beginning of August every year. Me and [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit has spent so much time there, so as soon as we got of the ferry and I saw the great stone wall of Visby, I squeed and all the stress just flowed off of me.

As soon as we found our hotel, which was really close to where we got off the ferry, me and [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit wanted to explore Visby and remember all the good times we've had. Poor [livejournal.com profile] peting73 didn't have much choice but to come with. Alexandra was going in her pram, and was quite content with watching all the strange things going on around her. She was mostly pleased with the sheep shaped jersey barriers. Gotland is famous for all their sheep, so I would guess that's why they’re sheep shaped. *grin*

So Friday was spent shopping and exploring Visby and having a really good time. Alexandra was quite well behaved, even when at the restaurant we found to have dinner at. Not the best one, but hey... they had meatballs and so the kid was happy. *lol*

Next day when we'd woken up in our rooms after sleeping for 10 hours (!). Our room was HUGE by the way! One bedroom, one kitchen/seating room with a kitchenette and one small bedroom for Alexandra... So perfect for us! Such a great hotel! Almedalen Hotel, if you're interested. ;-)

So next day, Saturday... and the day for the wedding... we first made our way to the church ruin where they were getting married to see how long it would take for us to walk there. And to find the way. Then we explored some more. Gotland might be a flat island, but Visby REALLY is not. *lol* So many steep streets and narrow alleys with medieval cobblestones... You need good shoes in that city!

We found a nicer restaurant and Alexandra promptly started "flirting" with one of the waiters, who totally played back with her! Was hilarious! And so cute! He was a great guy, and got a good tip! Food was GREAT to!

Alexandra also found a softie sheep and promptly wanted it, so a sheep she got. *grins*

Then we went back to the hotel and got all snazzy looking and stuff. :-) [livejournal.com profile] peting73 went the whole nine yards and even styled his beard and mustache. SO HANDSOME!!!! Me and [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit had bought our dresses from Modcloth, and they looked quite nice, if I do say so myself. :-)

Then we made our way to the church ruin again where friends and family of the brides had gathered.

We got let in, and got a little wedding program from the brother of one of the brides, one each, and then we found a seat in the church. About in the middle or so, so we could still see quite well. I lifted Alexandra up so she could stand on the bench to see better.

And when the brides walked down the isles, Alexandra got all excited. “Princess, mommy! Princesses!” X-D Yeah, so… They are now and forever Alexandra’s princesses. *lol*

The wedding ceremony was great! Short and beautiful. The brides had written their own wedding vows and walked out to my all time favorite song: Bette Midler’s The Rose. There was a lot of happy tears among the guests, let me tell you!

After the wedding we got invited to a walk through beautiful Visby and listen to the long and colourful history of the city. Well, parts of said history anyway. Until we ended up at Fenomenalen, a science center for kids of all ages. Very old. Or very young. ;-)

Before we got seated, the families had arranged for a little competition among all the stuff in the science center, before we got a chance for food. *lol* Was a lot of fun! Kids and adults working together!

The dinner and everything was served on the second floor of the science center, which was…. somewhat crowded to put it mildly. Which made sure it ended up very VERY hot up there! Us and another family with slightly older kids (like my brothers, I’d say) ended up closest to the stairs down to the toys. Apparently we were all LARPers, and all though that family was friendly and all, I just got the… to-much-feeling from the mother. She was so chipper, giggly and overly supportive of her daughters, I had to take a step back and wonder what she was on…

Apart from that, we sure had a great time! Alexandra kept it up until 9pm, which was very impressive! She’s just 3 years old, and the trip and the wedding was a huge adventure for her. She was doing great!

When the brides left it was only 11pm, so me and [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit decided to go for a drink. [livejournal.com profile] astroflammante, [livejournal.com profile] skarvsladden (and husband) and [livejournal.com profile] tekiila who were there for the wedding to, decided to join in. So we went to a really nice little pub and nightclub in Visby, The Munkcellar. We had a GREAT time talking about [livejournal.com profile] chigrima and discussing the wedding. And, of course, the good old days at the Student Union pub where I meet these awesome ladies.

After that me and [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit our back to the hotel and our rooms. Collapsed and slept so DEEPLY! And, at least me, very very happy for the beautiful brides. :-)

Sunday we had more of the great breakfast, after Alexandra woke up. She slept until about 9am, which was GREAT! Then breakfast and… you guessed it… more shopping and exploration of Visby. *lol*

Most of the shopping we did was at Kränku. A tea/coffee/and random stuff associated with the same -store. *lol* Family owned! They mix their own flavours of tea there, which is AWESOME! SO MUCH YUMMY STUFF!

We bought [livejournal.com profile] peting73 some kick ass whiskey coffee! (So expensive!) And a gift for MIL since she’s taken care of our cats while we’ve been gone. A nice metal box to keep coffee in. And Kränku’s special roasted coffee. :-D

Once it was time, we gathered us all in the car (with all the packing!). Drove [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit to one ferry terminal, since she took the ferry towards Stockholm to meet up her parents there. We? We took the ferry back to Oskarshamn and then drove for four hours back here to Borås. We arrived somewhere between 11pm and midnight. Alexandra slept the whole way. Was perfect.

The whole trip went so much better than I thought. And I had SUCH a great time!

And, of course, I am RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY for [livejournal.com profile] silvestris and [livejournal.com profile] chigrima!!!!

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Sweden Rock Festival is one HELL of a festival! And, as I learned, is perfect for a festival-beginner like myself. :-) Since the average age at the festival was... 37. So there were a lot of older people there. And families. I saw a lot of prams and young kids. They have this rule that you can't bring kids under the age of 3. And if you have kids with you between the age 3-13, they HAVE to have hearing protection (big bulky kind), or they won't be let into the festival grounds. Good rules! :-)

All this meant it was a very friendly and happy atmosphere at the festival. No fights, no angry drunks. Just happy silly drunks everywhere. I saw the guards lead ONE visitor out while I was there, since he was so drunk he was almost unconscious. ONE! And there were around 33'000 to 34'000 people there. That should tell you something. :-)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning, sorta. :-)

I figured getting up early and taking a shower BEFORE going was a great idea. ;-) So I did that, and then woke up Alexandra so she got to daycare at perfect time before breakfast there. She's not a breakfast eating kid, but she eats better at daycare in the morning, so it's all good. :-) She was a happy kid, and I talked to her both during Thursday evening and in the morning that mom is going on a short trip and it's just her and daddy and mom is coming home tomorrow... She seemed to get it, and said OK and daddy picking up and all that, so she was a happy kid Friday morning. :-)

Then home, some makeup on and then the BIG backpack I had packed the night before. Reason it was heavy as fuck and big as well, was I had a tent in it. And an old air mattress. Yeah, that weighed a ton. Even if it is a lightweight tent.

I had a scare at the beginning of my trip though. I went by cab to the train station, because I'm lazy like that with a heavy backpack and such. Plenty of time and everything. First track was to go to Gothenburg with a bus and then catch a train to Lund from there, and then onwards to Sölvesborg where the festival is. BUT! Of course the bus was late. To the point I was sitting there on the bus and thinking, I will miss my connecting train... And I almost did. The bus-driver was a saint though and stopped at a red light next to the trains at the train station, so I could jump out and RUSH (with heavy bag, mind) to the train... I think I had LESS than a minute to spare... o.O

But I made it and ended up sitting on that train with some LOVELY people that I talked to for that entire trip. Made sure the time flew. :-) The rest of the trip was uneventful. No problems at all. Had lunch (with a glas of wine) in Lund while waiting and then last track to Sölvesborg.

Once in Sölvesborg things got interesting. Saw a few cabs, and lazy me I wanted a cab to the campsite, Rosenlunds Camping. It's the calmer of the campsites around the festival area. Hence I booked my night there. :-) I would not want my tent to be run over or something... *lol*

Anyway, it's a rock-festival. I didn't expect it to be quite or anything. So I got there, found a spot that looked moderately calm. Next to the road, but I didn't mind that. Some music-nerds as neighbors on one end. And some older dudes on the other. Once I had put up the tent (which was very easy) my last neighbors showed. A bunch of rowdy 20 somethings... Crap, I thought to myself. So much for my beauty sleep after the concerts...

And the first thing they ask is if I wanted to see a real cock. *raises eyebrow* I calmly told him I'd seen plenty of those and was sure his wasn't that interesting nor very big. He pulled it out and sure enough, it was tiny, which I told him. I calmly asked him how old he was, and he drunkenly proudly boasted he was born 1982. Little boy with your little dick... You're younger than my little brother, I informed him. I swear he made a squeaking sound when he promptly put his dick away and to the laughter of his mates, went to get another beer. X-D

Man, I love my mother who taught me how to handle things like that. And I find it hilariously FUN to do that to! X-D

I was still worried they'd be noisy during the night though.

Once the tent was up and I was pleased with my camp, I went to buy some drinks and get some cash, wish you could withdraw right there at the campsite. For a fee. MAN! You had to pay a fee for EVERYTHING! So I made sure I had plenty cash for food and drinks, and then I followed the stream of people towards the festival.

Wasn't hard to find, the closer you got the more tents that sold food, drinks and just STUFF there was around the place. I found the entrance, but you couldn't get your festival-bracelet there. And everyone I asked gave me different directions to where to get said bracelet which had me go to the wrong place first. Not very fun. But eventually I found my way, could get my bracelet and got in. :-)

And it was amazing. :-D First music I was drawn to was a older band, which I later found out was called Dokken. So I stopped at that stage for a bit listening to them. They were really good! Then I got hungry and man... There was SO MUCH FOOD you could buy everywhere! So I found a place selling moose kebab (no joke!) and got some energy. Then I went to buy a Mötley Crüe t-shirt, since I didn't want to miss that. And good thing I did. It was still early, around 5pm, and they'd already sold out almost. So I got one of the last ones in XL. o.O And I got a Sweden Rock t-shirt to! Of course. ;-)

Securing the t-shirt to my bag, I started walking around some more. Looking at people. Having a drink of cider. Looking at more people. Eating more food. Listening to music. Ended up in a tent at one point where these moderately young guys played heavier rock dressed in fantasy-clothing... Got me curious and they were funny when talking between songs to. Later figured they were called Gloryhammer. They were not bad, but not quite my taste in rock.

I then just walked around, enjoying the festival atmosphere. I got stuck drinking, sitting on the grass and enjoying a cider after that for a bit. And listened to a band that was... really boring and... odd, if you ask me. They were called Opeth, and I don't even know why I stayed at that spot listening to them for a while, but I guess I was comfortable.

I'd found a place that sold really good toasts with a swedish cheese called Västerbotten cheese and chanterelles. And OH MY GAWD! It was sooo good, I had to go back several times.

At one point when waiting in line for a toast (it was constantly a long line there), there was this little kid there going ALL IN playing the air guitar with an inflatable guitar at a booth next to the toast-place. They were playing Mötley Crüe (!) in that booth, so he rocked out and HARD to the music! To the point of a guy joining him. Kid rocking out might be... 11 or 12 maybe? And the guy joining him on his own inflatable guitar somewhere around 25. And they pulled off quite the show! To the point of gathering a crowd that cheered for them and all that! So that was fun!

And when I was waiting for a toast (again!) I had these fun older guys behind me laughing and having fun, saying they'd eaten food at the festival that were better than orgasms... and lasted longer to! Since they were so cheerful, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut, and said I agreed! Orgasms usually don't last very long! It ended up with me and them four older guys having a HILARIOUS discussion about orgasms and growers and showers. X-D The younger of the four (probably just slightly older than [livejournal.com profile] peting73) said I was his future wife since I was that cool. I had to decline though, since I am already taken! Was SO MUCH FUN!

I made plenty travels to the portable toilets during the day, and that was an experience in and off itself. Because they had one big area with just portable toilets. *lol* Well run and all, but damn. That was a lot of portable toilets! X-D

I made sure to have a drink in my bag and fresh from the portable toilets, I went looking at Backyard Babies, which are REALLY good! I really really like them! Such entertainers!

I kept to the back a bit in the audience though during their concert, because right after them the main event of the evening was to take place. So some time before their concert ended I made my way towards the main stage at the area. And, since I was alone… I made my way all up to the front of the stage!!! OH MY GAWD!!! I very very rarely go to concerts. And I’ve NEVER been that close to the stage before! Cue me nervous!

Anyway, it was still quite long a wait, so I talked a bit to an older couple that was next to me. And last they’d seen Mötley Crüe they’d been 16 and newly in love! SOOO COOL! But not so strange. Mötley Crüe has kept it up for more than 30 years. Had a good time talking to them, although the man in the couple was… VERY drunk. Which apparently amused his wife. Good thing I had someone to talk to, because we had to wait long. But the crowd just kept growing. And grew HUGE behind me!

I think not all, but most of the 33’000 - 34’000 festival goers were there. It was incredible.

Once Mötley Crüe entered the stage, I first wondered if I had to regert going to see them, since it took a bit for them to get the audience going. But once they did, oh my… What a feeling! I sang along to most of the songs and reached out for them when they got close to the stage! The sea of people moved, so even though I’d started at Mick Mars side of the stage, I ended up at the middle having the midstage in front of me after a while.

Vince Neil had problems with his earpiece and microphone at the beginning of the concert, and sadly they gave up so he had to go change, in the middle of Dr Feelgood, one of my absolute favorite songs. :-( So that was sad. Gladly though they did many other classics, like Kickstart My Heart, Smoking in the boys room, Livewire, Girls girls girls, Looks that kill, Wild Side… I could go on. :-) What made me happy was that they had a few from their latest album, Saints of Los Angeles and Mutherfucker of the year. I really like that album, so that made me happy. :-) And they had one encore, Home Sweet Home. Oh my gawd, the WHOLE audince sang along then, it was one hell of a moment.

And yeah, most of the audience sang along to all the songs. I did to, when I knew the lyrics. *lol* What annoyed me though, was that I had a gang to the left of me that kept complaining about the concert. Throughout the concert. While standing in the front. WTH? If you are going to complain, you don’t like the band… WHY would you be in the front, uhu? To destroy for us that WANT to be there? Makes no sense to me.

During the concert, although I have a HUGE soft heart for Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee, I was mostly impressed by Mick Mars. I mean, I know he has struggled with his disease, Ankylosing spondylitis his entire careerer. But to actually SEE it! See how seriously destroyed his body is from his disease. But how very quick and clever he is playing the guitar and that he still loves to be on stage... That impressed the hell out of me. Rock on, old mutherfucker. Rock the fuck on!

Anyway, I loved being able to see them. I had fun. It rocked. The whole crowd moved with the music… It was incredible. And I’ll definitely remember it fondly. (Can you say that about a rock-concert? *lol*)

After Mötley Crüe had left the stage, it took a bit for the crowd to open up, but when it did I started to make my way to the exit. There were still bands playing, but I was exhausted, so I started making my way back to the camping ground.

It is quite a long walk, 800 meters, and my feet were VERY tired even though I had my good BIG Docs on. So it took a while since I walked slowly. Was easy though, there was this literary stream of people to just follow. On my way, I felt a nagging need for something sweet, so I found a booth that sold belgium waffles. And HOLY HELL! o.O They were GOOD! SO nice! I need to learn to make these… So I nibbled on that while walking.

Once at the camping ground, I got my toothbrush, then stood in line for bathroom and took care of all that.

Back around the tent however it was… silent. Except for the road, but not many cars there either. To my SHOCK the crazy ass 20-somethings that I thought were going to be loud and noisy all night… were knocked out apparently. X-D Only ones awake were the old guys who bid me a good night when I crawled in my tent. Kids these days… *lol*

After a bit of a fight I got myself in my sleeping bag and I was KNOCKED OUT! Next morning I fought my sleeping bag again. (I sleep VERY well in it, but I have to fight the zipper every time!)

Once ready I got out of the tent and located breakfast, taking a seat with some other guys (who had driven 12 hours to get there!) and talked to them while eating.

Back at the tent, I packed up cheerfully cheered on by the older guys, who after that offered me breakfast. AKA moonshine and Coca Cola. X-D I’ve had moonshine before, many times. And this was the GOOD kind. Looked like water and I could barely smell it at all.

So I had a drink with them, and they were really nice. Mötley Crüe fans as well, so we talked about them. And they were impressed I’d gone there alone. I told them about the greeting I’d gotten from the 20-something guys with the cock. Which had them laugh merrily and then I ended up in ANOTHER dick-discussion! MY GAWD! X-D It was all in good fun though, and some serious to since we talked about illnesses you can get in your dick if you're a guy. :-D They were REALLY sweet older guys, two friends that had visited Sweden Rock for years. Had I stayed another night, I would have loved hanging out with them and just talking. :-) They were really nice.

Once packed up, I made my way to the entrance and tried calling for a cab, but had no connection so I found a staff member who helped me call for a cab. My feet were so achy so there was no way in hell I was walking to the buss-stop at the festival entrance 800 meters away.

The rest of the journey home was uneventful. Trains that was on time and everything, so I had no problems. I didn’t have any fun company like I did on the way there, bu they… That’s what I had my smartphone for and my magazines that I’d bought for. ;-)

[livejournal.com profile] peting73 and Alexandra was both very happy to see me when I got home (a cab from the trainstation as well… hey, I’m old and my feet were achy).

All in all, going to Sweden Rock was one HELL of an experience! Seeing Mötley Crüe was wonderful! Slash was there playing this year, and if he comes back? I might consider going again. :-) It was such a great festival. Very friendly and happy an atmosphere and some seriously good music! :-D

If you wanna see the photos that turned out OK, you can go to my Instagram HERE. There’s a clip of Mick Mars playing on stage… and of the little kid rocking out with the inflatable guitar there to. ;-)

And now I’ll shut up. For now. ;-D

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