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Yes, indeed.

I've now posted about our great vacation and all that... And now we'll go to the horrible things that have, pretty much, happened at the same time. To my mother.

It started the day I drove [personal profile] snowstormskies to the airport, I think. Or the day before that. Mom called and told me she'd taken a fall on the cobblestones in the city where she usually goes to shop. She'd had her dancing shoes on, with a little heel. The heel had gotten stuck, and she'd fallen over. Hit her elbow, her chin and her knee. She thought she'd just twisted her elbow or stunned it, and figured it would pass by itself. Even went to visit my brother that day. He said her knee and her elbow had been really swollen, and he'd told her she was nuts not going to the ER. But hey, she was in a good mood and not in much pain.

However, that night her elbow had gotten worse, so she'd gotten her gentleman caller to drive her to the ER. And... she'd broken her elbow. Badly. They did x-rays and after seeing the doctor there, they told her they couldn't help her there since the elbow was just such a broken mess it needed to be replaced. And that specialist was in Gothenburg, two hours from there and he'd call as soon as he had the possibility to do the surgery. Most likely Friday.

The Friday we were going to Astrid Lindgren's world, mind...

Both me and my brother sighed, but were prepared to cancel our trip so my brother could drive her to the hospital, which he has done to everything nearly so far. She, however told us in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that we should go, have fun with our kids and as soon as she'd wake up she'd call us so we'd know she was fine.

Me and my brother was a bit nervous about it, but OK. Our kids were all excited about going so off we went (and had a great time, as you've seen). On Friday mom called and even though she was groggy from the medications and all that, we could hear that she was doing fine. The surgery to replace the crushed parts of her elbow had been a success! No complications, she'd done great before, during and after the surgery. SUCH A RELIEF!!!

Considering our dad died when doing a replacement surgery in his hip, our mom hurting herself and ending up doing surgery DOES make me and my brother somewhat nervous. BUT THINGS HAD GONE FINE! She just had to stay at the hospital for a couple of days for observation and to start learning how to train her elbow to make sure it didn't lose muscle and all that...

So that went well!

And, yesterday, she was allowed to come home. So, my brother and his kids picked her up all hugs and all that. And went home to my moms house, so they could spend time with her in the evening and make sure she was settled after being away from home for... four-five days.

They walked in the door and first thing she saw her cat Ozzy, her HUGE Maine Coon cat, unmoving on the carpet where he usually sleeps. Now he barely moved... nor breathed. Cue panic.

To mom her cats are her sweethearts. They're her babies. And she loves them SO MUCH. Nearly as much as she loves me and my brother and her grandkids, I'd say.

My brother just helped mom get the cat in his carrier, then he took her and his kids and the cat to the animal hospital, which is quite the drive away, but he just did it. He, as I, know how much those cats mean to my mother.

When they got there Ozzy was so weak, they didn't dare to put him through x-ray, he was placed in intensive care with extra oxygen to help him breath. Mom was a mess, totally heartbroken.

They stayed there all evening. There were a few exams of Ozzy, although they didn't dare to disturb him to much. Apparently his intestines were clogged up for some reason. And they suspected he'd eaten something that wasn't good for him. Telling mom and brother there were nothing they could right now, Ozzy would be under constant watch in intensive care and they'd call them as soon as they knew anything or there were any changes.

So they left. And shortly after they came home to moms, deciding my brother and both his kids spending the night at moms... (Brothers kids didn't want to leave their grandma alone... gawd, I love those kids!) Anyway, shortly after they came home around 11pm late late at night, the animal hospital called. And Ozzy had died when they'd tried to take a sample of his blood to find out what was wrong with him.

Beautiful, majestic black gentle giant Ozzy had died right then and there.


Mom is ABSOLUTELY heartbroken. That huge cat was her baby boy. He and his best mate Eddie, a small lean farmcat. Eddie and the other two cats she has, Måns and Svea, are all alive and well. But yeah. Mom is so upset, heartbroken and sad over losing Ozzy, I just can't even.

They buried Ozzy in her yard today. Next to the two cats I grew up with 20 years ago, Pyret and Ida, and her other Maine Coon, Sigge, that also died after being attacked by a wild animal. My brothers kids and mom had picked flowers, and my brother dug the grave.

If you have any good thoughts to send to my mom, please do. We're all heartbroken over losing Ozzy. He was a HUGE gentle giant and a true personality. He'll be greatly missed.

RIP Ozzy.

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Work is as crazy as ever. Hopefully next week it will calm down enough so I can actually breath. It’s… yeah. It’s not good this year. :-P

Have some questions instead so I won’t fall behind too much. :-) I WILL finish this one off, dammit!!!

72: are you a person who needs to note everything down or else you'll forget it?
Yes and no. In the end, I’d have to say yes. If I don’t put down things I need to remember in writing, I’ll forget them. Without fail. It’s why my calendar is so important to me. I have all the stuff I need to remember there both for work and for family-life. I just panicked a bit when I forgot it at home one day when going to work…

73: what are some of your worst habits?
According to my boss I have a tendency to act like a teenager sometimes. *LOL* In a not good way, I suppose. Like, if there’s a bit to much going on and something just gets thrown at me that I have to deal with I can go in a total ‘nope’-mood and just refuse to do it. Which is OK privately but not professionally. :-)
I also get stressed and feel absolutely horrid if I make someone disappointed for whatever reason. I have a tendency to take things upon myself thinking it’s my fault.
So those two are the main ones.

74: describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns.
Not my best friend, just a note. ;-)

A strong tough person who's been through something that is possibly a nightmare for many. One I first meet this one things were pretty bleak for them. Hiding away from the world, only going out at night, hiding from the sun… We’ve had our fights, for sure… Disagreements and such, but I think we’ve gotten better friends because of it. We got to know each other very well after just a short while. This friendship is very dear to me, and it has definitely changed me to the better, I hope.

75: tell us about your pets!
I’ve grown up with cats my whole life, and I currently have two. Two black farm cats that we picked up from a friend to Peting’s mother. They’re both pitch black with just a hint of white on their chest. Pretty yellow eyes to. :-) They are getting old now, around 12-13 years of age. Since they are indoors cats, they’ve kept healthy their whole life, and have just a bit of overweight, but nothing to be concerned about according to our vet. We do take them on checkups and shoots once a year. :-) Even though they are sisters and look just the same, they are very different personalities. Skuld is a bit standoffish, does not like to be picked up and if she wants cuddles she comes to you, thank you ever so. Verdandi we can pick and do almost anything we want with, she likes it and goes along with it. She’s more social than Skuld. The weird thing though is… when it comes to Alexandra it’s the other way around!!!! :-D Skuld searches Alexandra out, and Alexandra can do whatever she wants with her! Verdandi though does not like Alexandra and usually goes the other way and avoids Alexandra as much as possible. She can stand her for very very short amounts of time though. Verdandi has her places in the apartment that is just hers where she goes to get away from Alexandra, which we’ve taught Alexandra to respect. :-) They are our furbabies and definitely a big part of our family!

76: is there anything you should be doing right now but aren't?
I’m at work and should probably fix up new books so they can be put in the shelfs, but fuck that. I’m working until 6pm and I’m not in the school-library, so I can’t be bothered today. :-)

77: pink or yellow lemonade?
Ehr… Both? :-P

78: are you in the minion hateclub or fanclub?
If you mean the minions from the Despicable Me movies, I like them. Not a fan, but they're alright and mildly amusing in the movie. :-)

79: what's one of the cutest things someone has ever done for you?
Oh gawd, I can’t think of anything. o.O I mean, my kid does cute things all the time (when she doesn’t have her horrible morning temper…). So I could pick anything she does! Her hugs are the best!
My brothers support when I’m feeling down is also out of this world! He might be 35 years old, but he can be such a cutie sometimes it’s hilarious!
Conversations I have with Peting is the best, and he can say the most wonderful things to me sometimes. They’re not romantic. He doesn’t do romance or romantic things. But they’re still cute and great lift-me-uppers. :-D
When my mom, who is 63, tells me, who is 39, that I’m still her little girl… :-D That’s pretty cute, right?

80: what color are your bedroom walls? did you choose that color? if so, why?
One wall is black with hints of bamboo on it. And the other three are white with birds sitting on bamboo sticks. :-) And yes, we picked them wallpapers out together me and Peting. Put them up ourselves to!

All the questions! )

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I should have posted this Monday, but hey... To say I've been busy would be an understatement. Busy online.

Because about two weeks ago, I got an email. That asked me if I wanted to be a Curator of Sweden and tweet for Sweden on Swedens official twitter @Sweden!!! Because someone had nominated me finding me so interesting. Wait, WHAT? o.O

Long story short, I said yes. I mean, I used to be a voice for The Swedish Number and loved it. So I figured, why not?

And it's been overwhelming, funny and cool! I was warned there's A LOT of trolls following that account and some can be really horrible and attacking you personally.

But so far I haven't had that experience at all. Yeah, sure. A few horrible comments have been sent my way, but it's not so bad. I just... ignore it and move on to the next question. It's not been anything that has stuck in any way.

Anyway, it's been a lot of fun! And I hope it will continue to be a lot of fun for the rest of the week. I'll be on that account until Sunday night, so... Come see me there? :-D

And yeah, I found out who had nominated me to. My Tokio Hotel fan friend also swedish, @LitenSpindel. :-D Such a sweetheart!

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This week has been both ups and downs. As things go...

Monday I was at the physiotherapy at the hospital to learn how to use crutches and how to walk in stairs. And to get told I should contact one of the other physiotherapy places downtown so I can practice more there with stuff they have at place. Because at the hospital they only take those that are long stay patients AT the hospital. Which I totally get. So I've checked a list of physiotherapy places so I'll call around tomorrow morning. Meantime, doing the training practices I have at the moment. :-)

My leg is actually doing quite well! As long as I don't do certain movements when I walk with my crutches, I am doing fine. AND I CAN GO OUTSIDE! GO ON THE BUSS! DO THINGS!!! This is amazing. I'm not stuck inside at all times anymore. I love it.

Wednesday I went to the dental hygienist (at the same district health care centre that my dentist is located). And I got some kudos for how I care about my teeth, which actually surprise me, since I usually get told I'm not doing it very good. So that was nice!

And the same day I visited my job, which was really scary since it was rain AND ice that day... And I walked with crutches. o.O That... might not have been the smartest thing I've done. But I survived and did not break any more legs.

Reward was a lot of smiling faces from staff and students. Hugs all around. Even from my hooligans! :-D They clearly miss me a lot. I didn't think they would, but after being there for almost an hour, yeah... They do! It really warmed me and made me feel a bit better. My substitute / fill in / temp (whatever you wanna call it), was really nice but a bit... to nice? That school has some serious hooligans, and you have to be quite tough or they'll just walk all over you. I guess he's not had to deal with such kids that much, and was still trying to find his feet. But the staff was... a bit worried about him thanks to that, not really sure he could do it. One of them simply said: "Well, he isn't you. And we need a you here." X-D

Doing so much walking on the first day I was outdoors punished itself. Because I was achy in my arms the day after and even though I had no pain in my leg, I could feel I'd been overusing it a bit, so Thursday was rest-day.

Tuesday and Friday though I had a down days. I keep having them. I had no energy and felt absolutely worthless. Let's leave it at that. Ugh. I hate days like that. I manged to go on the bus and do a little bit of grocery shopping on Friday (yay, backpack!), but that was all. One of the reasons that I think I hve downdays is because it's so messy here. [livejournal.com profile] peting73 is doing his best, really he is. But he is a lot more... forgiven? when it comes to messes. It's like he don't see it even if it is right in front of him. And since he's had a cold this week, a REAL man cold at that, he just want to stay in bed as soon as possible, so not that much has been done really. Only the bare necessities. So much for keeping it up after mom did such a nice cleaning Monday. :-P

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I promised to say if I got any fun calls on The Swedish Number as a random swede. And I did some time ago actually. While doing dishes. In my pajamas. X-D

I had made myself available to take calls, and I got a call. And it was from a radio station in Paraguay. And I was suddenly live talking on the air.


Yes, I'm not even kidding. X-D We had a bit of a language problem since I couldn't speak spanish and they could barely speak english! *LOL* But we made do, and it worked out moderately fine. They wanted to know why I was taking calls, if I thought it was fun. Approximately where I lived in Sweden (so they could look on a map) and the best things I could recommend about Sweden (NATURE, NATURE, NATURE! And Allemansrätten!).

That was a FUN call! The guys were really cute. One of them could speak moderately well english. And I found out he'd learned it from movies. In particular, the Star Wars movies. Apparently such a big fan, he was called Jedi. Ha ha ha! SO AWESOME! They tracked my twitter down after I gave the name to them, so now I know what the station is called. Mandiorama! A bunch of true gentlemen, to be quite honest! So if you know spanish, well... ;-)

Here's their twitter: @Mandiorama and their Facebook: Mandiorama.

Since then I haven't taken that many calls, though. :-P I've amused myself to catch up on the the swedish TV show Let's Dance instead, which is the swedish version of Dancing with the stars. :-) It's very campy and cheesy and filled with clichés, but I can't help but love it.

I also follow a very nice documentary series that try to understand the many many beggers from Romania we have here in the city were I live, Borås. It has become a problem, and the question is HOW to help all these people the best? The documentary series is not saying it has an answer, it just wants to show that these are people too, they have a reason for being here and have lives like everyone else. It's gut-wrenching to watch, but important to, I believe.

What's more been going on? Not much. After Alexandra's run in with high fevers and that fever cramp, things has been going on as normal with her. Nothing strange there.

We visited mom and celebrated her birthday, which was GREAT! :-D When I asked mom what she wanted she said she wanted socks. OK then! The woman wanted socks, she’ll get socks. *LOL* So I bought a lot of fun ones from SockDreams. Made me giggle, and I knew mom would love it. :-)

Only problem was that for some reason they had some problem in the US, namely LA, when the package was to be shipped, so I didn’t get it until it was too late. And I’d ordered it with plenty time to! So she got some flowers instead and we decided she’d get her gift when next we meet.

Two days after we got home, her socks arrived. Which Alexandra thought was so much fun, so day after they’d arrived she decided that we were going to post grandma a package with her socks. *LOL* And Alexandra was SOOOO DETERMINED! So we wrapped them up, we sorta wrote a letter and after dinner we went to the nearest post office and posted it. Alexandra thought it was SO MUCH FUN!

Alexandra and the package to grandma! )

Silly girl. *lol* Mom loved to get a surprise package though, so I’d call it a success. :-)

Work, well… it’s insane as ever. Preparations for our move from our temporary premises is in full swing behind the scenes. I’ve seen furniture and shelves for the new library presented from four companies, and it looks wonderful. Once everyone else have decided what company they like the most, it’ll be decided and work to start furnish the school and library will start. This a slow process though, and I’m already stressed over August when school starts up again. (That’s healthy… not.) I’m really looking forward to have a totally fresh and new library though! :-D

When not working I’m totally fangirling online like always. A lot of time goes to roleplaying with @Duodeathstar. And to help [livejournal.com profile] tattooofhername with her MASSIVE fic Transition! Dark, so very dark a fic. But DAMN! It’s SO GOOD! Proud to be a part of that. :-D

Talking off fandom’s and such, one of my new friends on my friendslist, [livejournal.com profile] denorios, has written SUCH an interesting piece of meta on the evolution of fandoms. And it’s SO GOOD! You need to go read it stat! Who is the best fan? The one who followed the band/actor before they were popular? Or the fans that just discovered them? Or are ALL fans just as good? ;-)

What are your thoughts on the evolution of fandom?

You can probably guess my view on the matter. ;-)

Sad thing lately, and well… All of 2016 is all the artistic icons that keep dying this year. Latest in the list is Prince who died last night (my time).
He was such an amazing artist and seemed to have been an amazing human being to. I’m quite sure he’ll be greatly missed. Not only by fans, but family I’m sure.

Here’s Prince’s halftime show from SuperBowl 2007, which is so damn impressive. Pouring rain, lightning and thunder… And what does he do? Rock on in one hell of a halftime show on a slick stage with electric lights, playing several electric guitars and walking around on crazy high heels. The man rocked. Hands down.

Prince rocking out on stage in pouring rain! )

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