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Let’s start with Alexandra's knee, shall we?

Adventures in swedish healthcare to find out what's wrong with kiddo's knee... )

Me turning 40 and kiddo turning 5 means A HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! )

Work, work... and Alexandras dream coming true! )

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If you remember I didn't do that good before Midsummer. And in the end, that might have been a blessing in disguise. Which sounds weird as fuck, but hear me out here.

I was still down and a bit out of it during packing in the morning, to the point I almost pissed Peting off, because he figured I could try to see something good with the trip. And I did!! I did! Meeting my huge insane extended family is GOLD! It was what kept me going, to meet them all at my aunts as she holds her annual Midsummer party the day before Midsummer Eve.

So, once we packed (which actually went surprisingly well... very surprising!), we were on our way to meet up with my aunt and her family. One of my cousins are still globetrotting, which she's done for years, but her two siblings would be there. Those three cousins are the closest to me of all my relatives. We grew up as siblings almost, since our mothers are so close.

We hung out with my aunts husband (totally awesome!) and one of my cousins until my aunt got off work. Then we just hung out, talked and helped her. Alexandra charmed everyone that saw her, as par usual, even if she was very shy at first. Also normal. Peting left early, since he had an 8 hour drive to do from my aunts to his friend further north in the country.

Which is part of what stressed me out and left me feel totally out if it. Because now we're basically dumped at my aunts. I didn't know when my mom was going to show, and I knew she just wanted us to drive her to the next party with her gentleman caller and then we'd be abandoned at her home for Midsummer Eve. Just me and Alexandra. By ourselves. During a holiday usually celebrated with family. (Unless you are a teen or of drinking age, then you just get drunk.)

Either way, it felt really depressing and stressful. My aunt hugged me lots and kept saying her sister was insane that she didn't want to hang out with me and Alexandra on Midsummer Eve when we so rarely get to go to visit her.

A bit past 8pm Alexandra was starting to whine that she was tired and wanted to leave and go to bed. She was being very good and had stayed up more than an hour past her normal bedtime, so totally understandable. I had a ton of packing, so I asked my aunt, cousin and some more relatives to help me carry my stuff to mom's car, since she'd arrived an hour or so earlier.

And then it started. How I was supposed to drive her and her gentleman caller here and there BEFORE I could go home to moms and put me and Alexandra to bed and the things there was in the fridge for us to eat, classical Midsummer food, and this and that and I just...

I lost it a bit. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I did. So mom and aunt and one of my second cousins (that I adore) saw and heard.

Everyone hugged me and helped me and all was good. I drove off, just me and Alexandra. She was sooo tired, but was doing good and even though I said she could sleep in the car, she didn't. The phone went off twice during the drive, but I couldn't answer and drive at the same time during the evening, so I figured I'd see who it was once Alexandra was in bed.

She did great, went to bed at mom's feel asleep and all, after almost an hour (!), but that was expected when not being in her own bed.

Checking my phone while unpacking the car (headphones is the shit), it was mom that had called and texted me. She was upset I was upset and all... and when I called her she said she'd cancelled her plans with her gentleman caller so she could be with me and Alexandra.

I felt bad about that, guilty that she cancelled her plans. I had her car, but some relatives drove her home. We hugged and talked and it was all good.

We ended up having a GREAT Midsummer Eve! Probably the best one I've had in a couple of years. Ever since Peting started to go visiting his friend by himself, I'd say. I kept feeling guilty about ruining mom's plans, but it faded eventually.

My aunt and her husband came over to, and we had SUCH a good time! We really really did! Mom told me she had such a great time to, and I believe her! I could tell she wasn't just saying that.

We ended up staying with mom for a whole week! :-D Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day just me and Alexandra. Peting joined us late late Midsummer Day. The day after that my brother dropped off his kids, and they stayed there as well for the rest of the week. FULL HOUSE! *LOL* It was great. :-D It really was. Alexandra had a blast the whole time. There was much giggling to be heard every night when them three kids was going to sleep. *LOL*

And I managed to relax to! Me, who am always stressing over one thing or another managed to STOP doing that and just... relax and hanging out with the kids. It was GREAT!

We took it easy at mom's, went to the public pool, cooked and baked together... It was WONDERFUL! I could see mom had a blast to being surrounded by all three of her grandkids at the same time, which is pretty rare.

So that whole trip ended up amazing, even if it had a very rocky start. :-)

On Sunday [personal profile] snowstormskies is coming here for her, by this point, annual visit! I think it's the fourth time she visits, unless I've lost count. *lol* We don't have any huge plans. Just to hang out, visit mom and go to Karlsborg's fortress. Going to be nice, I think! :-D

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Friday... Oh my gawd, where to even begin?

Well, to be honest i started Thursday already. Doing a few hours in the public library closest the school I find out that the day after, Friday, me and two other school librarians are to meet up and discuss the reading program for the summer holidays so all will be planned and done.

Crap. I'd already made plans with two teachers to have one class come borrow books and to visit another class. And it was my turn to bring in the Friday FIKA muffins...

Stressing already on Thursday I make sure I have the car the next day.

Friday morning I wake up stressed out. Get Alexandra to daycare without any issues, since she is in a moderately good mood these days (she got new pink wellington boots). Hurry back home and pack up the car. Hurry to work, get the FIKA muffins set up, so anyone can grab one whenever they decide to FIKA. Hurry around the school and find both teachers to reschedule. Class borrowing books coming to the library right away first thing when their class started. And then get to the public library for the meeting. I was only 20mins late. I still can't believe I managed that. And to make it worse one of those school-librarians are a whiny bitch, to be quite honest. The smallest thing is a huge struggle for her and she will let you know. Loudly. And then laugh about it. And then whine again. I just can't with that woman. Unfortunately she's the librarian of the school library closest to mine, so... I have to work with her on occasion. Pisses me off, to be honest.

And to think the rest of the day was calm? *LOL* No. I was still stressed the hell out with that start to my day.

So I was supposed to go to the rescheduled class, and when I get there I find out I can't talk to the class right then because they have to discuss these tests that all schools in Sweden do, so no librarian is welcome right then. And I had to reschedule when my schedule for next week already is so insane I just can't with it.

If someone tells me working as a librarian is calm and relaxing I'm going to punch them in the face.

Gladly today has been relaxing and calm. Alexandra wanted to visit her grandmother, MIL. So we did that and I love my MIL. I really do. We talked for nearly three hours straight, if not more. (Yes, I did complain a bit about Peting, her son. And she agreed with me. *LOL* Felt good.)

I'm caught up with F-list now, but not with my inbox. Holy hell, people! o.O I might have to cut a bit in my f-list if this continues, because I won't be able to keep up. I'll give it a few days, but yeah... we'll see. :-) If any of you need to do that as well, feel free to. I don't mind at all. :-)

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I'd written up half an intropost of sorts... and then lost the draft. Well, dammit! *lol* Oh well. Let's see if I can do it again...


I am born 19th of July 1977, making me 35 years old. I grew up on the countryside, but now lives in a city. And very happy about that! My hobbies include fangirling online, reading books, watching movies and TV-shows, gaming (WoW), LARP, roleplaying (online or pen-paper), hanging out with family and friends or just being plain lazy. :-D


I am a new mom, since my daughter Alexandra ([livejournal.com profile] mini_viking for photos...) was born 9th of August. I've been with my fiancé/hubby since 2003, and we do love each other just as much today as we did then. Now it just has added to it what with being parents. :-) And no, we ain't married. It took me 6 years wait to get the first ring, so I guess paitence is a virtue. ;-)

Then there's mom. She is as insane as me, and with a mind WAY pervier then me... My goodness! If you at any point think I am bad, you should have a discussion with my mom one day. ;-) She grew up a city girl, but moved to the countryside with my dad. She is a nurse, and very good at it to loving her job! She really rocks at cheering up people with her special sense of humor, be they young or old. ;-)

Dad, who was also one HELL of a man, if you ask me. :-) He sadly died 2002 though. I miss him still, probably always always will. All the fun we've had, and all the stuff he taught us. He was a farmerboy, through and through. :-D Grew up on a farm and worked on it from the moment he could walk. But having a love for anything with an engine, he ended up a mechanic. He will probably always be the most handy/practical person I've ever meet. No one will beat him there. Didn't matter what broken thing you gave him. He fixed it. Well, the only thing he didn't get was computers. *lol*

And then theres' my little brother, four years younger then me. :-) He takes after dad, extremly handy/practical and can fix almost anything you give him. He has a wonderful wife and two kids, and I am oh so very VERY proud of him! When we were kids we were fighting almost all the time, then we moved away from home and grew apart some... But now we are closer then ever. :-D I do so very much love him and his family. :-) He wouldn't dream of living in a city. Cities stresses him out somewhat. *lol* He lives on the countryside and works as a farmhand on a bigger farm.

My extended family is HUGE! HUGE and insane and loving and just... crazy. X-D I got my sense of humor and my straightforwardness from somewhere after all... ;-)

Also, there's my two crazy cats Skuld and Verdandi who me and hubby got after we've lived together for a year... they are 7 or 8 years old by now, but still as crazy as they were when they were kittens... :-)


My best friend, my sister in all but blood is [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit. She's been my friend through thick and thin. We've had each others backs since we were 13 years old. And since both of us are 35 now, that makes us best friends for 22 years... o.O We've decided when we get past 60, we'll go to an amusement park with our walking sticks, be seniour nuisances and be a pain in the ass to the teens! X-D

I also have plenty, plenty friends in the local vampire-LARP club. I am oldest woman there, most of them younger then me, but eh... :-) I love them they are awesome all around. Sweet girls and boys more or less goth all of them. :-) I love meeting them every time it is time for a LARP! And I love hanging out with them randomly to!

And then there's my online-friends... SO MANY!!! I've lost a few since I started hangning out online and be active in various fandoms, but I've gained many. And many have stayed through the years to. :-) Most of them I've found here on LJ.


I've been on Livejournal since December 2003. This place is MORE then "just" a blogging-site or journaling-site. It is hard to put into words, but it's safe to say this is my HOME on the net.


Now to the interesting stuff, right? ;-)

When me and my best friend got to know each other Robin of Sherwood ran on swedish television. We both got extremly hooked and wrote fanfic (terrible Mary Sues!) and drew fanart back then. We didn't know anything about fandoms and fanfics though, since this was before the internet pretty much, and we didn't know anything about fanzines. :-)

Then I went to live in the USA (yes, I lived there for a year, working as an aupair in the state of New Hampshire). And the family I lived with that year, they were fans of Xena: WarriorPrincess. It was a thing they watched as a family. So I joined them. And turned into a diehard Xenaite.

And then when I came home from the US, I went to study and live on my own. And lo and behold... at breakfast time, there was re-runs of Buffy the VampireSlayer. It didn't take long before I turned into a fan of said show to. Around this time, I found LJ, and it all went downhill from there.. *lol*

I meet my darling hubby, [livejournal.com profile] peting73, and we share a lot of interest. Especially when it comes to movies. And he dragged me with him to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Then to the next one. And then I was hooked and I was the one doing the dragging for the third one. I am not to fond of the forth one though, I will admit. The first three movies I love and adore and I will admit to be a heavy fangirl fo those. :-)

Talking of friends, I do have a few RL friends here on LJ. And one of them, [livejournal.com profile] kaijn, made a post with a certain Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel one day when I was reading on LJ peacefully. I had no idea who he was, thinking he was some sort of j-pop person (I mean, TOKIO Hotel, give me a break...). I was soon told otherwise, and started surfing around for music and info about the four boys, found TH TV, and... here we are today... I am the most active in this fandom, being a diehard fan of Georg and Gustav. I love them G's dearly.

And I thought that would be the end, but alas... No such thing.

My hubby, who I share many interests with, found out about the TV-show Sons of Anarchy... I didn't think this would be a show for me at all... but I watched a few episodes of season one... and BAM! I got hooked. Dammit. I am still just tipping my toes in this fandom, and I SO VERY MUCH blame my hubby for it...

Right so... Uhu... Don't really know what else to write, but yeah. That'll be me. If you got any questions or want to know anything or... whatever. :-) Feel free to ask whenever, however, whatever. X-D I am an open book, disgustingly honest, so if you ask me a question, I WILL answer it! :-D (Yes I love sex, no I ain't straight, yes I love both men and woman, yes I love my men a bit hairy and my women curvalicious, what yes, beard is sexy on men, yes I have two cats, yes they are crazy, yes I have 5 tattoos, yes I am disgustingly honest, why do you ask? X-D )

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OMG! The Christmas Marathon is OVER! *collapses*

This has been our schedule this Christmas:

23ed: Visiting [livejournal.com profile] peting73's mom to meet up with his relatives, exchange gifts and hang out and celebrate a mini-Christmas. :-) The gifts exchanged there are only supposed to cost 30SEK (4,30USD), but I cheated a little so Alexandras and [livejournal.com profile] peting73s was a lil more expensive. I found some AWESOME bargains on Tradera.Com, though! I am SOOO shopping on said site again for birthdays and christmas next year! :-) Alexandra behaved great, until it was time to open the Christmas gifts... She freaked out at the sound of the ripping of wrapping paper! X-D So we had to take her out of the room... *lol* She got tons of gifts (of course) and grandma had cheated and bought her a few extra and more expensive ones (of course)... Was a great day!

When we got home we prepared and packed as much as possible for the next day...

24th: Pack up all off us in the car with packing and such (geez, you need a lot ot stuff to travel with a baby...), and drive to my aunts for Christmas Eve celebration. In Sweden, the main Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve. So, TONS of food and candy was eaten. And we drank some serious amounts of Julmust... as always on Christmas. We also watched Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul on TV, as every year. An odd tradition in Sweden that was a bit hard to explain to one of my cousins friends from Estonia (I believe...) who was there visiting. It was wonderful though. All of it. :-)

Alexandra behaved great this time to! She took plenty naps and ate good all day, and didn't freak out QUITE as badly about the wrapping paper this time. *lol* We stayed there almost until midnight, playing games and talking and I don't even know what... Alexandra slept most of it, of course, but that is OK when you are only 4 ½ months old. :-)

And the biggest gift of all... To be able to hang out with EllaBella (Lifemattertome on Twitter), my darling cousin all day. She has changed so so much, and I couldn't be more proud. She has turned into a thinker and filosofer... a lover of culture and different people on the planet. And still, without losing that fun-loving party-girl that can have men at her feet if she wants. She is so beautiful and so strong... that woman. She is meant for great things. She gave us some lovely gifts to! Me and [livejournal.com profile] peting73 got two books about Qatar, and Alexandra got some very pretty clothes she'd bought there and a soft toy: a dromedary (Arabian camel). How awesome ain't that???

Anyway! Onwards!

25th: We stayed at mom all nights, so we slept there and during Christmas Day... we didn't do a thing! *lol* We ate a ton of food and even more candy! (I've probably gained a ton in weight... and it doesn't help that we got a lot of candy as gifts to!) Alexandra was a good girl all day, even when being head-butted by moms HUGE cat Måns! X-D So we just lazed around, didn't do much at all. Earlier years we used to go watch a Disney-movie in the movie-theaters, but since Alexandra is so small we watched movies all day instead.

During the evening we watched an old favorite of mine: Lethal Weapon, the first one. And while sitting there, I got a sudden craving for slash between Riggs and Murtaugh.... *HUGE head-desk* I don't even know, people, but now I can't get it out of my head. So if you find any? Do let me know... *cough* I am a weirdo and it has finally been proved...

26th: Next Christmas-party... Yes, on Boxing Day my brother always have a Christmas party for my dads side of the family, and one can NOT miss this, of course! So off we went! It was GREAT fun! More gifts were exchanged! And hanging out with my brother who I've been talking to SOOO much lately on the phone was beyond awesome, really! I love him! He is the best, he just don't know it all the time... Good thing I am good at hitting him over the head with it to let him know he is.

Anyhow, my niece and nephew always get SOOO excited to meet Alexandra, they hardly left her alone a minute! *lol* Well, she got to take naps, of course, and they were almost fighting about whose bed she was to borrow... (She had plenty naps, both beds were used.) And during the Christmas gift exchange, she was actually quite calm during the ripping of wrapping paper. I guess she finally got used to it. *lol*

So that was a lot of fun! :-) We left said party and drove straight home during the late night, two hour drive. It went very well though, and Alexandra slept the whole way. :-)

Then yesterday, 27th, we were HOME!!! SO NICE! And just lazed about. I'd say we needed it.

But it is NOT over yet! *lol*

Since EllaBella will soon return to Qatar (soon moving to Oman), she wanted a gathering to meet all friends and family before leaving so...

28th, today: All three of us packed ourselfs into our car AGAIN to take the two hour drive back to my aunts to visit them AGAIN... *lol* And to see more relatives and friends of EllaBella. Before that though, we went to moms and checked out her new TV that she got during the after-Christmas-sale. A smart-TV... Don't know if I should be worried...

Anyway, meeting all them people was a lot of fun, because I so rarely get to do so. :-) Alexandra was really well-behaved to. For the most part. She ate and took naps and all... Until more and more people showed up, and things got a bit louder, since well it ended up being a lot of kids to. And the more kids you have in a room, the louder they get. Which ended up in a sort disaster...

I had gotten Alexandra to sleep in an empty room at my aunts... she slept find, peacefully. But then she woke up, and neither me nor [livejournal.com profile] peting73 got to her quick enough, so she panicked and then there was all the loud noise from the other kids... Basically my sweet baby Alexandra got hysterical. She could NOT stop crying or screaming! She wailed so much, she almost threw up. Only one thing to do then. Pack up and go home. So we did just that, took a quick goodbye to everyone and went on to drive home... When we'd driven for... 5-10 mins she was peacefully asleep, thank gawd. And we had no problems getting her to eat and sleep once we got home. Phew. That was not a pleasant experience for neither mom, dad or baby, let me tell you. As [livejournal.com profile] peting73 pointed out, you feel so helpless you just want to help her calm down and feel happy again... and when you can't, you almost get desperate. :-P

So today was a great day to, even if the ending was not so great... :-P

Now though, we won't do a bloody thing until New Years... that will be celebrated at home with an insane amoutn of Star Wars movies and a four-course dinner courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] peting73, hang around in soft-pants, and having [livejournal.com profile] spicehobbit over. No demands or "has to"s... Just us, movies, food and laziness. I approve of this plan. :-)

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