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First comment on the podcast I always listen to after watching Game of Thrones... "Holy SHIT, what an episode!!!" But in swedish. ;-)

It pretty much sums up this episode, I think… Let’s see if I can get my mind in order….

Oh, there’s spoilers under this cut… So much spoilers you’ll drown in them! )

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A bit behind on my Game of Thrones posts, but I just have to put down some notes about the third episode to…

Some stuff has happened with kiddo, but I’ll make a special post about that after this. :-P

Onwards to Game of Thrones!

All the spoilers behind this spoiler-cut! BE WARNED!!! )

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Ah, this Fallout LARP... How I love you! :-D

I miss calculated and came to the conclusion this is actually the EIGHT LARP this year! WOW!!! When my friends first started this LARP they didn’t think it would last more than a year or two. I guess they were wrong? :-D I’m glad they were, because this has ended up being something I look forward to each year. :-)

If you know nothing about the Fallout games, I’d suggest you check out at least a little bit about the world. It’s post apocalyptic… The big bombs fell during the 1940’s, and so whatever technology there is, is built on the technology from that time. So is the music and the fashion with some steampunk thrown in and some random fantasy and… Well, yeah, you get the picture I hope. :-) It’s a fun and interesting world to explore!

I’ve played the same character all years, Katya Hollander. She started out as a prostitute, whore, sex worker… whatever name you want to use. She was the one that you had to pay the most to… because she let you do pretty much anything to her. She was an alcoholic, driven there by her ex husband and the fact her son had been stolen from her by bandits when he was a baby.

Said husband died horribly by a piece pipe that he thought held a treasure but instead was stuffed with radiation affected and rotten food… Insanity and death happened.

Her son, Timothey, however, did return after escaping from the bandits and they did rekindle their relationship. Katya is fiercely protective and VERY proud of her now adult son.

She managed to work her way up in the hierarchy and took over the bar and brothel where she’d previously been employed, making her the richest person in the settlement Bockaby. She also ended up in a strange and passionate relationship with the sheriff who upheld the law. He to had his secrets, but Katya stayed loyal and true to him through all his troubles.

The settlement Bockaby ended up abandoned after an attack by Bloodraiders, cannibals, so Katya had to flee to one of the bigger settlements, The University. Her lover did not come with her, but urged her forcefully to go.

After a year, she returned. Her lover is gone, the place is in ruins and she has to start again. Another group, The Steelravens, has also made their home there. And runs a bar and brothel, competing with Katya's. She ends up being beaten, losing costumers, and has to let the long running bar and brothel die down that she had once helped a friend start up.

Instead, with the help of her clever son Timothey who is now a caravan leader, traveling in between settlements with whatever wares and food they can provide, Katya starts a trading station. A VERY successful one.

And that’s where the LARP this year started. Of course there’s a lot of details of her backstory I have left out, because it’s so long, but that’s pretty much it.

Katya’s trading station has made her the second richest person in the settlement, only beaten by The Steelravens who still run the bar. She sells food (canned food) (very rarely fresh), jewellry, some broken technology from before the bombs, plates and cutlery, mugs, sewing thread (both fine and a bit rougher), and… something very valuable… books. Paper is rare, books even more so. She also have some moonshine she’s made herself.

Her trading station is popular among the people in Bockaby, especially among a couple of newcomers… One of the men among the newcomers keeps coming back to talk to her, until he finally tells her he’s been dreaming about her for quite a while. Big Mac, as his name is, is cute and funny and Katya appreciates his company and advances. Her previous lover has been gone for years, so she has been lonely.

Big Mac also gives her relief from the politics in the settlement.

Katya hates the leader of The Steelravens, who is the strongest group in Bockaby. She thinks he is running the settlement as a dictator. To her surprise though, he comes to her and says that she, as a trader together with him and another leader from another of the strongest groups in the settlement… should start a council for the settlement to run it. She’s surprised, but agrees, putting her personal feelings about the man to the side for the better of Bockaby.

It’s a good thing they do, because a diplomat (as he calls himself) comes visiting from a man called Von Rinj. This Von Rinj plans to start a Republic. He is very wealthy and has bought and runs all the caravans more or less at this point. If Bockaby would refuse to join this Republic, they’d be without provisions of any kind. Not good. Katya remembers her son mentioning Von Rinj in the letters she has received, and asks for time for the council to come to a decision. Katya has had a hard life, and believes nothing comes for free. Which the diplomat claims. He claims Von Rinj is going to help rebuild Bockaby, to bring some glory to the place. For free, as long as Bockaby is a part of the Republic. Katya does not believe him.

They end up getting 3 months to decide. She goes to write letters to her son, Timothey, to find out as much as possible about Von Rinj. (And to congratulate him to his new relationship… with a man. Apparently she has a gay son! YES!)

After some more drama... (Including a ghoul wanting to buy a kid, played by a kid, as a slave… or dinner… she wasn’t clear on that part. And two characters being thrown out of the settlement since they’d murdered a contact to Katya that was coming there with medication against radiation. And a poor sickly character falling in a heap dying...) The LARP ended.

It was a GREAT LARP! Although a bit more slow paced than previous years. Previous years have been A LOT more action packed. And a lot more filled with drama than this year.

I, well Katya, was supposed to flirt with another character, but no matter my advances, it didn’t work. And trust me when I say that Katya as a character when I play her… is EXTREMELY blunt. Comes from her previous occupation as a prostitute. So instead Big Mac came to her rescue. *LOL* He was played by a young and really funny guy! As soon as he noted I had pretty much NO limits to how far below the belt the discussion could go… we dug six feet deeper… X-D GOOD GAWD! He was so funny! And got a big hug afterwards and we had a big laugh together! His fiancee was at the LARP to! But she was busy playing out a love story between her character and another character! They both promised to come back if there’d be another Fallout LARP next year, since they had so much fun!

I keep saying, you want to be hit on by young handsome guys… Start LARPing! X-D

Going to post some photos on Instagram in a bit, I’ll link them below when I have. See all the photos below! :-) I hope there’ll be another one next year! Can’t wait! :-D

Here's all the photos I took from the LARP! ENJOY!!! )

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So tomorrow the post apocalyptic Fallout LARP starts. I'll be cut off from anything normal for about 3 days. It'll be crazy and amazing, just like previous years, I'm sure.

Was out at the site today fixing up my sleeping arrangements and the store my character is going to run. Or, it's more like a moderately big hole in the wall where she sells base necessities, most importantly cans of food (without a label) and medication.

This character, Katya Hollander, has certainly done a journey! She started out as the prostitute the whole village spit at and just used for their own twisted pleasure. She was the only one that could take it when any of her costumers wanted to go violent... or wanted her to go violent on them. She was also an alcoholic, and had an ex-husband who was selling drugs in the village...

Her son, who she wasn't allowed to see grow up though, has returned. She managed to take over the bar and brothel where she used to work, and got sober. Her son ended up with the caravans and makes sure there'll be provisions for the village. She ran the bar and brothel successfully for a couple of years, but now she's been out maneuvered by an armed gang that is also running a bar in another of the old broke down houses...

So this year, she's started up a store. With the help of her son, who makes sure she'll get some good provisions and wares for her store. Being a previous bar owner AND now running the store, makes sure she's one of the riches people in the village. So she has some political power there. Money = power.

Some in the gang running the bar has started treating the village as their personal land. As if they were dictators. My character does NOT like this, so one of my plot's is going to be to try and start a revolution against him. AND I also have a romantic plot. Katya has been hooked up on the same guy for years. But he has abandoned her, so now a new character is introduced that I apparently is going to fall for little by little... :-D I hope he'll be played by any of my old friends to! It's always easier to be romantic and cute with someone you know. :-)

How all this will end up, I have NO idea! X-D Which is half the fun. Wish me luck!!!

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Ho boy... Where to start? All the spoilers ever behind the spoiler-cut! Obviously... I keep telling Peting this series is really doing me in... *collapses*

More spoilers than you can shake a stick at! You have been warned! )

As you can see I'm all over the place. It keeps happening after seeing an episode of this series. Thank heavens for the swedish podcast Tronspelet! They keep making sure I keep my head on moderatly straight. I love the crazy people in said podcast!

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